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SEO guide for law firms

The basic postulation of SEO for a law firm is simply to increase your law firm’s visibility online. A study conducted by AccuRanker in 2017 found the legal sector to be the most competitive in the SEO market. In the study, they analysed over 3,00,000 websites to find out that law firms have the most difficult time generating traffic for their website. This indicates that an effective SEO strategy is a necessity, whereas local SEO is even more important.

Why is SEO for law firms essential?

Attorney or law firm SEO involves strategies and techniques that will attract potential clients to their website. The way businesses have changed over a period of time so have how people search for businesses. The internet and its usage have changed the game of how customers search for businesses. Every business must have its website. 70% of law firms land new cases through their website.  0.78% of users click on page two of Google search results. If these aren’t reasons enough to up your SEO game, nothing will ever be. It is crucial to rank on the first page of Google or any other search engine to demonstrate expertise in your niche. Organic searches generate upto 66% leads in the legal section.

Benefits of SEO for law firms

There is a big list of benefits of SEO for any legal firm.

SEO not only ranks higher on SERPs they also convert leads of quality for your business.

Some of the benefits of SEO for lawyers include :

  1. Outranking your competition on Google ranking. Inviting an additional click-through rate for the website.
  2. Receiving abundant phone calls through local listings like Google My Business.
  3. Generate quality traffic through high-quality localized content.
  4. Get reviews on your local listings and Google.
  5. Drawing more traffic on autopilot.
  6. Claim your place as an expert in the law field.

Outrank competition

Page one on Google has only a few spots and if you are not one of them, then you are losing a lot of business to your competition. SEO optimized websites for targeted keywords and work towards outranking your competitors.

Your website need not be on the #1 spot but it should definitely be on the first page to be relevant for local search.

An investment in an SEO strategy can pull in potential clients and make your firm stay ahead of the curve.

Calls from your GMB and local search

While ranking your website can get you a #1 spot on Google, you can also rank for a local business on Google.

When a user searches for ‘estate lawyer near me’ or ‘best lawyer in Xyz area’ your Google My Business can rank for these terms. Utilize local SEO to the fullest to your advantage and create more opportunities for your business and reach potential clients online.

Blog traffic

Legal content can be as interesting as any other blog available online. It doesn’t always have to be boring.

Use your blog to provide valuable information to your readers/customers. This can generate more traffic through targeted keywords while converting traffic into leads.

With the help of SEO, you can find out low competition keywords that drive high-volume traffic. Find these keywords and create a blog around the topic.

Some blog ideas for law firms :

Guides: How To

Complete guides on topics

Localized laws



Interviews with famous lawyers


Reviews are to websites what report cards are to students, they tell us how well a firm is doing and how well they work for people. A lot of agencies use the review strategy to rank better and attract better leads.

Positive reviews show users that your firm is dependable and can be trusted. If your firm has more positive reviews than your competitor it majorly has two benefits, you can outrank your competitor and customers will choose your business over theirs.

Attract high-volume traffic on autopilot

Though SEO needs to be constantly updated, it will flow in a steady stream of traffic throughout once your SEO is set up. It is a better option as compared to paid ads and social media.

Positive reviews show users that your firm is dependable and can be trusted. If your firm has more positive reviews than your competitor it majorly has two benefits, you can outrank your competitor and customers will choose your business over theirs.

Claim authority in your niche

With an improved online presence you can show other industry giants that you mean business. By being more visible online you open doors to new opportunities for partnerships and business.

Law firm SEO can have plenty of positive impacts on you and your business, you can land high-end clients, get invitations to conferences and papers in legal publications. There are so many new opportunities with being visible on the internet.

Now let’s get into how SEO works and how you can make it work for your law firm.

Keyword research

All and any SEO strategy always begins with keyword research. Keywords help us to know how users are making queries to search our business. Some of the tools that can help evaluate keywords are free to an extent, so if you are looking for just the basic functionality of a tool then you can access these tools for free.

Some of the best tools are

  • Ahrefs
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu

The strategy to use for keywords is to opt for long-tailed and terms with commercial intent. These are high ranking keywords but have a lower search rate.

Page speed

Page speed is a ranking factor that affects and it affects how users interact with your website. Google penalises slow websites and ranks them lowers. The average attention span of any user today is less than 3 seconds, if your site takes longer than that to load, you might want to fix that.


There is a lot more to SEO than just keywords and page speed, SEO also has its technical aspect which includes backlinking and citation. If you are a law firm and are looking to improve your ranking and SEO game, get in touch with our experts.


We will be happy to help you with the best SEO tools and techniques. Agencies use various tools which cost thousands of dollars per year. When you hire an SEO agency for your SEO growth you get access to all these tools for a very small price!

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