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Site Usability

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Website usability solutions for brands & businesses

Great user experience is a critical milestone for the success of any online marketing campaign or website.

At Shrushti, we believe in nurturing businesses to make them ready for success in the digital world. Our site usability solutions are targeted at brands and businesses who seek to get the best results from their existing initiatives, websites and other web properties.

Using our expertise and industry-first tactics, we optimize your web assets for providing superior user experience to the end-user, which in turn, would bring desired results for your business.

Site usability solutions by Shrushti


What is meant by Website Usability?2024-03-13T12:33:14+00:00

Website usability refers to how easy or difficult it is for users to access information on a web page. Usability also includes issues such as speed, ease of navigation, and appearance.

What is good usability in a Website?2024-03-13T12:35:34+00:00

Good usability means that users can easily find what they need and understand how to use a site. The best way to do this is to create a straightforward navigation structure, making it easy for users to navigate through a website. A website should also be clean and visually appealing.

What is an example of Website Usability?2024-03-13T12:35:39+00:00

Usability refers to how easily a system enables a user to accomplish that aim. Think of a website that offers electronics repair services. Their solution enables customers to make service requests from their cellphones or PCs and then receive those solutions anywhere.

What are the four main areas of Web Usability?2024-03-13T12:36:29+00:00

The four primary areas of website usability are navigation, information architecture, visual design, and interaction design. Navigation refers to how easy it is for users to move around your website.

Information architecture refers to how well organized your pages are. The visual design includes everything from colors to fonts to images. Interaction design deals with how easily users can interact with your website.

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