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Unlock Hidden Profits: Premium Technical SEO Audits

Supercharged & Detailed Technical SEO Audits by Experts

Is your site’s SEO performance falling short of expectations? Our Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit is your roadmap to SEO success. We meticulously examine the site’s technical health and deliver actionable SEO strategies tailored to its unique needs.


Whether you’re an agency looking to expand your service offerings or a business owner aiming to dominate search rankings, our customized technical SEO audits are designed to elevate your digital presence.


Unlock Hidden Potential: Identify and resolve critical technical issues hampering your site’s SEO performance
Boost Revenue: Improve search rankings and user experience to drive more qualified traffic
Scalable Solutions: From quick assessments to in-depth analyses, we adapt to your specific requirements


Don’t let technical SEO challenges hold you back. Partner with us and transform your online visibility today.

Technical SEO audit

What does our Technical SEO Audit Include?

  • Technical SEO Recommendations
  • Goal Conversion and Event Tracking
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Blog Content Calendar
  • GA GSC GTM Site Access Verification
  • Current SEO status and SEO report card.
  • A list of changes with its impact to your SEO efforts, which helps you to decide which change you want to do and why.
  • A detailed explanation of on-page optimization factors which includes domain name, browser issues, design consideration, navigation and other web assets.
  • A report on your content quality.
  • A detailed report on website architecture, internet linking, product pages and other core website parts/pages.
  • Dos and don’ts for your future efforts.
  • A detailed SERP analysis of your other 2 competitors to check their strengths and hints about how to overcome them.
  • Check the health of SEO efforts and crawling issues details with Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster tools and other third party tools and services.
  • Other ideas about link building techniques as per your market niche.
  • Assessment of Social Media efforts in conjunction with the SEO process.

For a top-notch Technical SEO Audit Service, trust Shrushti Digital Marketing

The Step-By-Step Process Of Our Technical SEO Audit Service

Step – 1

  • Crawl Errors: Check for issues that prevent search engines from accessing your site.
  • Indexation Status: Ensure your pages are properly indexed.
  • Search Engine Access: Confirm search engines can crawl your content.

Step – 2

  • URL Structure: Evaluate URL formatting and parameter handling.
  • Categories & Navigation: Review the organization and navigability of your site.
  • Canonicalization & Duplication: Address duplicate content and set correct canonical tags.
  • HTML Tags: Optimize title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.

Step – 3

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure responsive design and fast load times for mobile.
  • Page Speed: Analyze load times, image optimization, and server response.
  • XML Sitemap & Robots.txt: Review for proper guidance to search engines.

Step – 4

  • HTTPS & Security: Verify SSL certificate, ensure HTTPS, and fix mixed content issues.
  • Structured Data Markup: Implement structured data for enhanced search result appearance.
  • Internal Linking: Optimize internal links for better navigation and SEO equity distribution.

Step – 5

  • UX & Accessibility: Assess usability, navigation, and accessibility for all users.
  • Server & Hosting: Check server response times and hosting stability.
  • Technical Recommendations: Offer actionable solutions for identified issues.
  • Reporting & Communication: Deliver findings and recommendations via clear reports and consultations.

Grow Business through Our Technical SEO Service

Our Technical SEO Audit Service Packages

Mini Website SEO Audit


Full Website SEO Audit


Major Benefits of Hiring Shrushti Digital Marketing’s Technical SEO Audit Services:

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Improved Search Visibility

Ensure search engines properly index your site to increase online visibility.

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Make your website responsive and user-friendly on all devices.

Optimized Site Structure

Organize your website’s structure for better navigation and user engagement.

Technical Error Resolution

Identify and fix technical issues that could hinder your SEO efforts.

Security and HTTPS Implementation

ecure your website with HTTPS for improved rankings and user trust.

Page Speed Optimization:

Optimize page loading times to reduce bounce rates and improve user satisfaction.

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A thorough technical SEO audit is crucial in ensuring a website’s optimal performance by scrutinizing various technical elements to determine whether the site has been optimized for search engine ranking on platforms like Google, Bing etc. As a website audit service provider, we conduct a comprehensive SEO audit and furnish a detailed report highlighting any technical issues identified on the site, along with recommendations for implementing necessary changes.

A comprehensive SEO audit is necessary to determine if a website is thriving or struggling. With the ever-evolving nature of SEO optimization, it’s crucial to enlist the help of an SEO audit services company to conduct a thorough analysis and generate a report. This report serves as an essential guide to achieving success for the website.

On-page or on-site SEO involves optimizing web page elements such as content, links, and title tags to improve search engine rankings. Search engines evaluate on-page markers like keywords to determine relevance and rank accordingly. As a white-label SEO audit company, we conduct a thorough analysis to identify performance issues and provide an SEO audit report with recommended solutions.

With over a decade of experience, our SEO audit agency has conducted comprehensive audits on various websites, ranging from small independent business sites to extensive eCommerce SEO sites. Our CEO has over 10 years of combined experience and has assembled a team of skilled professionals to provide exceptional white-label SEO reseller audit services.

While a domain address and access to the Search console are the basic requirements, providing additional relevant information can be incredibly beneficial. This may include a description of the main issues observed by the website owner, recent site developments, or technical details about the website architecture, hosting, and tech stack.

Yes, our proposed packages are designed based on our experience and focus on the most critical areas. However, if you require a customized approach to address a specific issue or group of cases, we can create a dedicated package tailored to your unique needs.

Absolutely. Our team of SEO specialists and engineers are prepared to make the required changes to your website. After the audit is delivered, we can collaborate with your in-house team or take complete responsibility for executing the optimization work.

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