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Keyword Gap Analysis2024-05-21T11:48:42+00:00

Keyword Gap Analysis

SEO Keyword Gap Analysis

Identify Profitable Gaps In Keywords…then fulfill them.

  • Composed by SEO professionals
  • Identifying and leveraging high-value keywords to help businesses achieve their SEO goals
  • We offer a guaranteed turnaround time.(with a money-back policy in place for a case where we don’t meet our commitment)
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Outrank Your Competitors With Shrushti Digital Marketing’s Keyword Gap Analysis Services

Keyword Gap Analysis Packages

Keyword Gap Analysis


The Shrushti SEO promise: reliability & quality

Our team understands. You are held responsible if the company you hire does not produce what you expected.

At Shrushti Digital, we go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver quality links while meeting deadlines long-established websites.

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Our clients , They believe in us

I have experience working in agencies and I know the way that a good agency would maintain a client for a long time. Their work is good, their numbers are good. They stand by whatever they say, and they run their business professionally.

Ajay Mehra, SEO Manager

You can trust Shrushti Digital as opposed to other link providers that are questionable and spammy.

Tehmir Amari, Esperia

My experience with the team has always been good. They are quick to respond and also quick to accomplish any tasks to ensure a successful campaign. Shrushti Digital has been by far the most professional and easiest to deal with of all the SEO agencies I’ve worked with over the years.

Chintan Makhija, Blogger


What does it include?2024-03-14T16:19:18+00:00

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting information from Ahrefs and similar tools. Our report analyzes up to 1000 keywords that your website ranks for and compares it with data from five competing sites to uncover potential keyword gaps. With our comprehensive and purpose-driven report, you can easily identify valuable keywords that you may have overlooked, saving your time and effort

What is the process?2024-03-14T16:20:05+00:00

Our seasoned SEO experts leverage their expertise to gather up to 1000 keywords for each site and identify search terms where at least two competitors are ranking. We require five URLs of your competitors and your site/client’s URL to conduct the analysis.

Our SEO specialists meticulously analyze the organic keyword rankings of each URL to identify overlaps. We compile this data into a comprehensive and actionable analysis of keyword gaps.

What can you use it for?2024-03-14T16:31:20+00:00

Discover your competitors’ top-performing keywords, and gain insights for creating quick-win content ideas without wasting time exporting and organizing data from tools like Ahrefs. Uncover valuable keyword gaps you may have overlooked and unlock new avenues for organic traffic growth through our actionable report.

How much time will it take?2024-03-14T16:24:45+00:00

Our approximate delivery time is two business days.

What assurances do you provide?2024-03-14T16:26:22+00:00

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services, without exception. If you are not completely satisfied with your report or feel there is room for improvement, we will collaborate with you to make things right. This is our unwavering commitment to you.



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