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Want To Outrank Your Competition?- Discover your keyword gap and get ahead today!

Find your competitors winning keywords and take your business to the next level.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Identify Profitable Gaps In Keywords…then fulfill them.

Composed by SEO professionals Identifying and leveraging high-value keywords to help businesses achieve their SEO goals.

We offer a guaranteed turnaround time.(with a money-back policy in place for a case where we don’t meet our commitment)

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Outrank Your Competitors With Shrushti Digital Marketing

Analyze successful competitors to identify proven high-value keywords. Leverage these keywords to create content that resonates with your audience and drives better business results.

Boost your website traffic by leveraging SERP features associated with high-performing keywords. Identify these valuable keywords to attract highly relevant, free traffic to your site, and outperform your competition.

Why settle for analyzing just one competitor when you can save time and outrank them all? With the ability to compare multiple domains, you can explore your competitors and gain an advantage in your market.


Provide your customers with a thorough report. Now it’s simple to create CSV reports on your outcomes.
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Get in touch with our ECommerce experts to explore White Label SEO Solutions!

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting information from Ahrefs and similar tools. Our report analyzes up to 1000 keywords that your website ranks for and compares it with data from five competing sites to uncover potential keyword gaps. With our comprehensive and purpose-driven report, you can easily identify valuable keywords that you may have overlooked, saving your time and effort

Our seasoned SEO experts leverage their expertise to gather up to 1000 keywords for each site and identify search terms where at least two competitors are ranking. We require five URLs of your competitors and your site/client’s URL to conduct the analysis.

Our SEO specialists meticulously analyze the organic keyword rankings of each URL to identify overlaps. We compile this data into a comprehensive and actionable analysis of keyword gaps.

Discover your competitors’ top-performing keywords, and gain insights for creating quick-win content ideas without wasting time exporting and organizing data from tools like Ahrefs. Uncover valuable keyword gaps you may have overlooked and unlock new avenues for organic traffic growth through our actionable report.
Our approximate delivery time is two business days.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services, without exception. If you are not completely satisfied with your report or feel there is room for improvement, we will collaborate with you to make things right. This is our unwavering commitment to you.
Sure! Click here to see our sample report.
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Get in touch with our ECommerce experts to explore White Label SEO Solutions!

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