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An e-commerce consultancy that aims at developing innovative solutions that accelerate growth

Shrushti Digital combines its love for SEO and management to deliver an experience you can trust

At Shrushti Digital our team works hard so you don’t have to. Our E-commerce services cover everything under the sun, from migrating to a new platform to totally transforming your online business, we are here to help. Shrushti’s team of experienced professionals will lead the way to maximize your online business’s potential.

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Our consultancy services


E-Commerce strategy consulting

We create seamless strategies that deliver results. All strategies are specific-business oriented. We use tools that are data-driven and goal-oriented. Customized strategies for every business niche.


E-Commerce replatforming/migration consultant

Migration and replatforming are seamless and effortless for your business. An end-to-end solution, without losing ranking or content from your original site. Our team helps your website acquire better functionality with more compatible equipment and technology.

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E-Commerce ppc consultants

Drive an increased channel revenue system from your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and maintain complete ownership of your accounts with PPC consulting services. Get customized strategies and real-time reports for platforms like Google, Facebook, and Bing.


E-Commerce google analytics consulting

One of the most powerful tools, Google Analytics can change your online business’s relationship with conversions. We help you identify data from Google Analytics that matters which will lead to a positive change.


E-Commerce management consultant

Shrushti Digital completely manages your online store and its activities. We tackle services such as Product Branding, Customer management, Online Advertisements, Social media presence and give customer service. Our team assists you with regular updates and enhancements with emerging technologies to boost online sales.


E-Commerce platform-specific consulting

We increase your sales by managing centralized inventory across all marketing channels. We help you set up, manage and amplify channels like Shopify, Amazon, etc.

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Why hire us

Equipment and

Partnering with Shrushti Digital means being hands-on with the best equipment, and experts that know how to use it. From Ahrefs to SEMrush, from Google Analytics to  Crazy Egg, we have it all.


Our expert team is always booming with fresh ideas and strategies for E-commerce. We beat new bees with over 15 years of experience in the field. We believe all ideas lead to a solution, you just need the right navigation. And that’s exactly what we’ll do, help you navigate.

Work scope is outside your expertise

If you are like most of our clients, your business model doesn’t include a plan for E-commerce and its tools either. Augment your staff when and where it is required, while we handle all your E-com troubles.

Our clients

They believe in us

E-commerce case study

Development and growth for an E-commerce business.

Content Strategy
E-Commerce Consultation
Project Goals
On-Site Optimization
Our contribution

To develop and create an E-commerce website that sells products and has visibility on SERPs. Create social media profiles and develop content for the website and social channels.

  1. Diversify the traffic between various channels.
  2. Grow product verticals (main categories) while maintaining the current top spot rankings.
  3. On-page optimization as per the e-commerce standards. Canonical tags, enhanced e-commerce, product feeds, product schema, image optimization, sitemaps and product page content.
  4. Getting links from industry authority sites to maintain high referral traffic.
  5. Use of mainstream social media like Facebook for generic traffic and creating niche traffic from social media like quora.
  6. Achieve ROI from AdWords and 2-3% conversion rate, gives 6x return.
  7. Create email marketing campaigns for different customer segmentation.
  8. Automated email marketing for category page visits, abandoned cart, product review and thank you mail series.
  9. Find niche topics and building links with skyscraper methods.
  10. PR, Guest blogging and BTL media buying for additional traffic.

ecommerce case study

Shrushti Digital has headed e-Commerce and digital marketing for an E-commerce client. We helped the company build a website from scratch. Within a period of two years, the site visits shot upto 50,000 per month while the sale shot upto 5,000,000 annually. Our main area of work was planning and executing overall digital marketing which included but was not limited to SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, remarketing, Display and e-Mail marketing. For this project now we are at a stage where we are planning to move ahead with outbound activities like community building on social platforms and niche sites for specific customer segments.

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E-commerce consultants specialize in helping businesses be found online, this includes, looking at a website and running tests to see where they lack in terms of marketing and then analyse the data to find out what can be done about the pitfalls that the business is facing online. 




Data collection



These are a few key things that E-commerce consultants specialize in.

There are no fixed results that can be guaranteed. There will though be some KPIs that we agree on in the first engagement, these KPIs can show your growth.

An E-commerce consultant is expected to have a comprehensive understanding of search engine optimization, blogging, social media marketing, online branding, and the various strategies that a business can use to promote a product.

Yes, we help you with optimizing product description, tags, pricing and reviews.

There can be various reasons a company will want to hire an E-commerce consultant

  1. A business is small scale and doesn’t have the means to grow an in-house E-commerce team.
  2. A business doesn’t have the time or expertise to analyse data and drive results.
  3. A business needs help with driving organic traffic without PPC
  4. A business doesn’t seem to grow even after various efforts online.

Yes, one of our major work includes marketplace management in which we handle your various marketplace accounts. Not only that we also help with implementing new strategies which eventually drive sales.

The cost varies for every account that we take up. Costs depend on factors like services offered, plans that have been chosen and what type of business you own.

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