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Who is Shrushti Digital?

The word Shrushti means Earth, and we at Shrushti believe that we all have elements of Earth in us, even the internet. With 15 years of international experience in digital marketing, we work to make your business reach its goals online. Shrushti Digital has worked for various industries of which a few include health, fashion, travel, retail, and accounts & finance. 

Semil Shah kicked off the beginning of Shrushti Digital in 2006. A digital Marketer, and SEO & SEM genius, he began this journey to be able to assist businesses who dreamt of a big online presence. Ever since 2006, the company has grown and is now catering to 50+ clients and consists of over 30 dedicated employees.

Why work with Shrushti Digital?

Even though we are a digital agency, our work has emotions, all heart. But that doesn’t mean we are a feel-good fuzzy marketing company. We deliver numbers. Honest numbers. We work hard to make sure your business succeeds through the best digital mediums. Our main focus at Shrushti is Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce.

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We at Shrushti Digital cater to the following of your digital needs

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Shrushti is committed to providing high-end online marketing solutions that closely align with a business’ growth expectations and aims to exceed expectations and proven benchmarks.

Shrushti envisions providing the benefits of the digital revolution to small, mid and large-scale businesses, thus serving as a critical cog in their growth engine.

Meet Our Core Team

Semil Shah

According to his team, Semil Shah can take any digital marketing profile to the next level. With over 15 years of experience in the SEO world, he is a certified SEO specialist, who mainly focuses on growing businesses. He is the Chief Marketer at Shrushti Digital Marketing. In his free time, you will catch him either listening to podcasts or trekking in the jungle clicking some really cool pictures.”

atit shah

Atit Shah

Atit is an accomplished Digital Marketer, who has been in the industry for over 15 years. When asked what he likes most about digital marketing he says with a big smile, “advanced link building and content optimization”. While he is not at work, he loves being outdoors, cycling, trekking or travelling to unknown places.

Mayur Technical SEO expert

Mayur Salunke

A Software Engineering from NIIT, Vadodara. He has been a full-time Digital Marketing for the last 13 years and prides himself in being able to offer a strategy for Digital Marketing that includes everything from technical website optimization to SEO-friendly copywriting, social media optimization, google ads to creative link building. A movie buff and a food connoisseur, Mayur enjoys all the fine things in life.

Hiren Vasava

A certified Digital Marketer, in the field for 5 years. He loves researching and spends most of his time acquiring knowledge. With over 50+ certificates, he’s an expert link builder and does on-page outreach the best.  When he isn’t working, he can be found sitting on his balcony sipping some mocha. He enjoys cooking, traveling, and playing video games.

Sagar Rajput

Sagar Rajput is a Digital Marketing executive. He has a total of 5 years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, and SMO. He is mainly experienced in planning, implementing, and managing effective SEO Strategies and managing on-site and off-site optimization projects. Besides work he enjoys watching movies, web series, listening to music, and travelling.

Kajol Zala

Kajol works as a content creator. She has over 6.5 years of content analysis and creative writing expertise. She is obsessed with all things digital and spends much of her time on Instagram. Kajol enjoys her life and lives it to the fullest. She is a collector of pleasant memories and has a larger-than-life attitude.

Dishank Rajput

The quietest guy at work Dishank is in the business for a year. He says that he is passionate about digital marketing and thinks it’s the biggest in marketing right now. With a master degree in Computer Applications, Dishant has plans of staying in the field for a long time. He loves cooking, music, travelling and gaming.

Shivani Devkar

Shivani Devkar is a Senior SEO Executive. She has 2.5 years of SEO experience in total. She has a lot of expertise with SEO strategy creation, implementation, and management, as well as managing on-site and off-site optimization projects. Furthermore, she enjoys watching movies, and new shows, listening to music and vacationing while she is not at work.

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