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White Label SEO Services


White Label SEO Services For Agencies

Whether you are a digital marketer, web designer, or a specialized agency, you might need expert hands to manage the SEO needs of your clients. We, at Shrushti, offer you the chance to provide result-oriented SEO solutions through our white label SEO services.


Rebrand our services as per your agency/business, pitch the same to your clients and leave the technical implementation to our experts. With Shrushti by your side, you will never have to worry about SEO performance, periodic SEO reports, customer service or strategy.

White Label SEO Solutions

Our White Label SEO Services

We specialize in providing white label SEO solutions to agencies, SEO professionals and freelancers who want to give the best results to their clients. Our custom white label packages can be designed to suit your client’s growth goals.

Before anything else, review the results

Organic Traffic Increase


Bounce Rate-Decrease


Pages Per Session-Increase


Satisfied Clients


Budget Expertise


Website Revamps


White Label SEO Process For Your Clients

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Step – 1


During client onboarding, white-label SEO services collect detailed information about the client’s business, goals, and market environment to tailor SEO efforts accurately. This phase includes a thorough assessment of the client’s current SEO status and digital footprint to identify key areas for improvement.

Step – 2


It involves creating a bespoke SEO strategy that aligns with the client’s specific business objectives and target audience.

Step – 3


The campaign setup phase focuses on implementing the planned SEO strategies, SEO Tools, and Dashboard Setup. This includes setting up necessary SEO activities like link building and content distribution.

Step – 4


It involves starting the SEO efforts by rolling out the optimized content and beginning targeted outreach. This early phase is crucial for setting the tone of the campaign and establishing initial metrics for comparison.

Step – 5


Ongoing campaign management ensures that SEO strategies are executed according to plan, with continuous adjustments made based on performance data and market changes.

Step – 6


Regular reporting keeps the client informed about the campaign’s progress and success, using the data from SEO tools and dashboards. Effective communication includes providing insights and actionable recommendations based on the reported data.

Step – 7


in white label SEO focus on demonstrating continuous value through sustained SEO success and regular updates. By consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations and adapting strategies to the latest SEO trends, long-term partnerships are fostered.

Key Advantages of Our White Label SEO Services

Finding the best white label SEO partner is difficult, but if you know where to look you should be able to find one with
no problems! The good news is that you DON’T have towith Shrushti Digital Marketing! We optimize your
SEO in a way that does not risk you losing all your earnings.

White Label SEO Packages



Ideal For Local and Very Small Sites


eCommerce & Service

Save $150



SaaS & Other Large Sites

Save $200

Why Choose Shrushti For White Label SEO Services

Shrushti’s Expertise:

An experienced seo reseller company like Shrushti offers a great deal of choice in White Label SEO packages.
When you create an SEO plan with us, we will first review your website. We do this to determine the best fit keywords that produce optimum results.
Our on-page optimization strategy is on-point and includes optimizing title tags, meta data, headers, images, image alt tags and URLs.
Keyword research is at the heart of good SEO and we tailor our strategy based on the nature of your busines.
With relevant link-building, link outreach and continuous performance management we optimize your SEO strategy and bring measurable results.

Benefits of Working with White Label SEO Companies :

White Label SEO is the industry’s standard practice to kickstart your company’s growth and revenue. Partnering with one of the best SEO teams at Shrushti, you can focus on your sales funnel and scale up your business quickly.
Your brand or agency can grow significantly with white label SEO agency without investing further in time and resources. Partnering with a white label provider, you can focus on customer acquisition without worrying about scalability or resources.
A white label SEO company takes the deep dive for you and manages the most complicated and advanced aspects of contemporary SEO so that you can focus on business development and customer service.

Comprehensive White Label SEO Services:

When choosing the right white label SEO vendor, make sure that the services they offer are the ones that you need.
SEO Software
Some of the best white label SEO reseller services offer you a search engine marketing or SEM dashboard. These dashboards are extremely useful in tracking sales, keywords, research tools, workflow management, proposals, link audits and a range of other features.
Content Marketing
While most SEO resellers claim that they provide content marketing services, Shrushti is someone that can backup this claim. Our content team can confidently deliver outstanding webpage content, blogs and articles that will be the lifeblood of your SEO.
Link Building 
Links are one of the first major off-page ranking factors leveraged by search engines to decide the SEO score. Earning links to high-authority websites and managing editorial links can make your online reputation. We use a highly evolved process and link building tools to get you the best results.

How Shrushti Protects Anonymity:

Shrushti helps you take centre stage so that we can remain in the shadows and do the work for you. As one of the top white label SEO companies in the industry, we act behind the scenes to help you with the best white label SEO for your customers. Shrushti remains anonymous while you can build up your brand’s identity and business. You can showcase the best of our SEO work with your logo on it.

Save Time and Money with Shruhsti’s White Label SEO :

Hiring and Managing an in-house SEO team can be quite expensive when you take into consideration all aspects of recruitment, training, admin and performance management. When you partner with us, you save a ton of time and money by eliminating these additional costs and man-hours but get the benefit of a proficient in-house team.

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White Label SEO is when two businesses collaborate together to deliver SEO services. This gives a partner company the chance to sell ready-made SEO packages and bundles. Typically, these are sold on a monthly retainer. This means that digital marketing agencies no longer need to send their clients elsewhere for SEO services. You can offer your client a complete package that includes white label SEO services. As far as the expertise is concerned, that’s where Shrushti comes in. Using our pre-made White Label packages, you can resell SEO bundles, packages, local SEO services, offer link building and reporting to your clients.

White Label SEO enables you to expand your services to your existing client base. You already have a core base of clients and you want to build brand loyalty and long-term association with them. White Label SEO services allow you to do this by:

  • Extending your agency’s core capabilities without handling the work yourself
  • Offering a full suite of digital marketing services
  • Focusing on your core strengths and reduce learning, training and investment in SEO tools
  • Achieve economies of scale without hiring more resources
  • Foster positive customer sentiments and reviews

There are various service models offered by a vendor. Typically, white label SEO includes a wide range of solutions including:

  • SEO Analysis and Auditing
  • Content generation and on-page optimization
  • White label dashboard gadgets and reports
  • Project management and consultancy

We have seen tremendous growth in agencies who have expanded with white label SEO. From increased recurring revenue to a wider number of clients. Agencies can earn a gross margin of up to 60% and cross-selling of other digital services that they offer.

Shrushti’s white label SEO services offer a team of experienced SEO specialists for your agency and your clients. Our goal-oriented methodology combined with a proven software and SEO service allows you to scale quickly, monitor and track results and help drive more traffic to your agency and clients. It is a win-win scenario.

In many ways, the results of SEO are instant, that is fresh content and better site organization. We understand that you are looking for tangible results and ranking for your clients. The general ballpark for websites is a period of 4-6 months but we like to use the sapling analogy for this. The more you nurture and invest in your SEO efforts, the better the traction and the higher your clients’ rankings with quality traffic. Generally, our clients start seeing results anywhere between 1 and 3 months but the longer-term results are better. First page rankings typically take 6-8 months unless it is an especially complex market, in which case it takes up to 8-12 months.

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