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White Label SEO Audit2024-05-21T11:12:01+00:00

White Label SEO Audit

White label SEO Audit Services: Get a complete audit & action plan

Get Ahead of the Competition with our Proven SEO Audit Services.

Our SEO audit is done by our team of skilled SEO strategists who thoroughly analyze your website without bots or automated software.

Improve websites by making it easier to explain how they can be improved. You will receive a neat report from the SEO Audit tool that forms the basis for your SEO service strategy.

An SEO Website Audit Will Show You:

  • We measure KPIs and give you a score of the website
  • Improve technical SEO and difficulties
  • On page and off page SEO improvements
  • Optimising the performance of your website

Supercharge your SEO strategy with the leading SEO Audit agency.


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Why Your Website Needed an SEO Audit Yesterday!

Small businesses struggle with SEO’s complexities. White label SEO partnerships offer solutions like backlinks, technical SEO, and content creation, empowering your growth. Uncover your ranking barriers with search engine audits. We analyze on-page & off-page factors, leading to better content & SEO strategies.

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Our SEO Audit Services

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Keyword Research

We create a keyword list based on your priorities, search volume, and intent research. Once approved, we'll provide a baseline report to track future keyword movements.

Technical SEO Audit

We conduct a thorough technical SEO review of your website, identifying any issues and providing solutions to fix them.

We review on-page SEO elements like title tags, headers, image tags, and METAs to optimize your website for search engines.

Competitor Link Analysis and Gap Review

We analyze your competitor's SEO strategies, identify gaps and opportunities to outrank them and develop a plan to close those gaps for better rankings.

Google Analytics Audit

We'll review your Google Analytics accounts, ensure accurate tracking and discuss GA4 setup needs. Proper Analytics data can inform intelligent business and SEO strategy decisions

Content Audit and Recommendations

We'll assess your content and strategy to optimize for organic search traffic, covering blog topics, formatting, and keywords. We'll also evaluate the technical aspects of your SEO for optimal results

Link Building Audit

Our SEO team will evaluate your content strategy and inbound link profile and suggest improvements to both, including new content, link-building methods, or removal of certain content/links.

UX/UI recommendations

We provide solutions to existing and future problems that might occur on your website in accordance with the user interface and user experience.

GBP Audit

Our team of experts check your website thoroughly and make recommendations based on what seems to be missing for local SEO.

Blog content calendar

Do you find it difficult to write blog posts for your company? No idea what kind of content you can use to support the conversion of people at different stages of their buying journey? Well Shrushti Digital has got you covered!

Web page content upgrades

Creating new content is important, but older content can still be useful for your content marketing strategy. Shrushti makes sure your website content is regularly updated to keep it providing visitors with valuable information and to make sure that it remains high on Google's search engine results pages (or even better).

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Case Study

The Problem
The 3-Point Shrushti Digital Solution
The Results

SEO Auditing Packages

Our approach to technical SEO auditing is customized to suit your unique requirements because there is no universal solution for SEO. We conduct a
personalized SEO site audit, and based on our comprehensive analysis, we implement specific enhancements to improve your website’s performance.

We offer three SEO audit price packages that meticulously evaluate every aspect of your website’s SEO to ensure it ranks high on
search engines. Our packages are designed to meet your specific needs and include the following:

Mini Website SEO Audit


Full Website SEO Audit


Benefits Of Website SEO Audit Services

Our process and how we deliver results

When your company partners with Shrushti Digital Marketing

Want consultation before diving into SEO solutions? Our experienced team is here to help. As SEO audit consultants, we’ll provide personalized recommendations and custom solutions tailored to your needs. Our team is here to help you.


What do SEO audit services involve?2023-12-30T11:03:05+00:00

SEO audit services involve:

  • A thorough assessment of your website’s search engine optimization.
  • Covering aspects such as technical setup.
  • On-page content.
  • Off-page factors.

These professional services, like the ones offered by Shrushti Digital Marketing, provide recommendations for improving your website’s SEO and may also carry out these suggestions.

What is the typical price range for an SEO audit service?2023-12-30T11:03:53+00:00

The cost of an SEO audit service varies based on factors like the scale of your website. These services can range from $650 to $14,000 per audit.

Why get an SEO audit package?2023-12-30T11:04:51+00:00

It helps you:

  1. Fix ranking drops/stagnation.
  2. Identify SEO-related issues.
  3. Get traffic growth solutions.
  4. Plus, there are other benefits based on the package.
How much time does an SEO Audit service take?2023-12-30T11:05:54+00:00

It takes 45 days to complete our SEO audit process. During this period, Shrushti Digital Marketing conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your website using our specialized SEO audit services. This assessment aids in running an effective future strategy and offering recommendations for optimizing your site’s performance in organic search rankings.

Once done, you will get a detailed SEO audit report highlighting potential areas for improvement.


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