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Guest Post Services

Invest in our Guest Posting Service to drive traffic and build authority!

Guest Posting Service

What is Guest Posting Service?

Guest posting services involve creating and publishing high-quality content on relevant external blogs and websites. This strategy not only increases your brand’s visibility but also enhances your website’s authority by securing valuable backlinks from reputable sources. By leveraging our guest posting service, you can boost your SEO, reach new audiences, and establish your business as a thought leader in your industry.

What is this?
We struggle to earn links for you, but you don’t have to endure that pain. We make it hassle-free for you by handling prospecting, quality control, content creation, placement and reporting.
  • Provide your URLs and anchor text.
  • Review our domains list to confirm or replace
  • Sit back; we will handle the reset – Outreach, and content creation; we will get
    back to you once
  • your links are live.

Our Deliverables

What do we promise to give?
On-page SEO includes refining metadata information, streamlining website media,
optimizing coding and web page structure to make a web page more intuitive and user-friendly.
Accurate on-page information makes it easier for web pages to understand what a pages all about-boosting its relevance score and overall rankings among search engine results. To get the most of the SEO efforts, you need a solid on-page SEO strategy.
  • High-quality backlink
  • Relevant, Informative, creative, and original content
  • 1-month turnaround
  • You can rest assured that we will successfully place the desired backlink or provide a substitute link of equal or higher quality.
For whom is this service best?
  • Clients with limited budgets and time constraints
  • For clients who value multiple links but emphasize reputation over authority
Our link building service provides safe and reputable links from growing multi-topic sites. We offer three categories of links – basic, mid-level, and premium – to help diversify your backlink profile without putting your website at risk. Trust us to provide diverse links tailored to your needs and won’t harm your website’s reputation.
What will you get?
  • Clear communication
  • High-quality, original content
  • Reporting
  • Guaranteed Placement
Our link building service provides safe and reputable links from growing multi-topic sites. We offer three categories of links – basic, mid-level, and premium – to help diversify your backlink profile without putting your website at risk. Trust us to provide diverse links tailored to your needs and won’t harm your website’s reputation.

Our Process for Guest Post Service

Step – 1


Please place your purchase with the order form. We will need your targeted URL, Alternative URL, and anchor text. Also, share your desired niche with us-the industry you want to focus on. Our team of experienced SEO professionals will meticulously analyze our link opportunity database to pinpoint the websites and pages that are most relevant and authoritative in your particular niche.

Doing this will boost your website’s rankings and overall performance.

Step – 2


We presented multiple options for you to choose from. It’s your turn to select the sites you want.

If all proposed options suit your needs, you can consider your task complete.

If you dislike any, let us know why to avoid them and find better alternatives.

Step – 3


Once our squad has completed their review and verification method, your guest posts will be live.

We will present a white label report with the secured links and send it to you through email.

Please take a look and share your feedback with us.

Guest Post Service Pricing

The Guest Post Service Packages include:- Premium and Standard Guest Post link from an article on a domain with a various range of DR.

Premium Guest Post Packages

DR 20-35 Premium GP

$ 150

DR 36-50 Premium GP

$ 200

DR 51-70 Premium GP

$ 300

DR 20-35 Premium GP


DR 36-50 Premium GP


DR 51-70 Premium GP


Standard Guest Post Packages

DR 20-35 Standard GP

$ 100

DR 36-50 Standard GP

$ 130

DR 51-70 Standard GP

$ 180

DR 20-35 Standard GP


DR 36-50 Standard GP


DR 51-70 Standard GP


Why Choose Shrushti Digital?

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Expertise & Experience:

With years in digital marketing, Shrushti has honed its skills, amassing a wealth of experience.Their history showcases consistent results, ensuring your Foundation Links strategy is in capable hands.

Tailored Strategies:

No two businesses are alike. Shrushti recognizes this, offering customized link-building strategies that resonate with your unique brand voice and goals.

White-Hat Practices:

Ethical practices are at the heart of Shrushti's operations. Adhering to white-hat SEO techniques safeguards your website against penalties and potential future algorithmic setbacks.

Transparent Reporting:

Stay in the loop at all times. With Shrushti's transparent reporting, you'll be privy to all the movements, growth trajectories, and actionable insights related to your link-building campaign.

Holistic Approach:

Foundation Links are just the beginning. Shrushti adopts a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, ensuring that every element, from content to technical SEO, aligns seamlessly.

Client-Centric Focus:

Shrushti places its clients at the core of its operations. With a dedicated team for each project, expect personalized attention, swift responses, and a partnership that prioritizes your success.

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Our SEO team will carefully select and curate link opportunities that meet your needs. Confirmation of domains is possible after placing an order.
All orders include:

  • An SEO conducts a process of searching and confirming.
  • Our team of quality writers specialize in content creation and can produce up to 500 words.
  • Outreach and placement
  • Updates on progress can be tracked on the dashboard.
  • White label reporting
  • We offer an optional content upgrade for $10 per placement, which includes up to 250 different words and a content review before posting.
  • To place an order, select a tier and desired quantity of links, submit payment, and provide your URLs and suggested anchor text.
  • We will provide a list of opportunities for your approval or replacement at no additional cost.
  • Content creation and placement will commence upon approval.
  • You will receive an email confirmation and a white-label report upon completion.
  • Repeat the process for future orders.
Our service offers a range of link-building solutions, including prospecting, quality control, content, placement, and analyzing, to successfully build up diversity and minimize risks connected with incorporating Guest Post links into your profile.
The typical processing time for site selection approval is four weeks. While it’s possible to expedite the process by engaging in unethical practices such as cutting corners or spamming, we prioritize maintaining our integrity and delivering quality work.

We ensure that your placement is a success. If a link is not accepted, we will provide a replacement with an equal or superior opportunity at no additional charge. You won’t be charged for any links that you don’t receive.

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