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Link Audit Service

Ensure your links are working for you—try our Link Audit Service today!

What is Link Audit?

A Link Building Audit service checks all the links that point to your website to make sure they’re helping rather than hurting your SEO. It identifies bad links and gives advice on how to improve your overall link strategy. This helps your website perform better in search engine results and attract more visitors.

Whether you’re seeking to reclaim from a penalty imposed by Google or simply want a regular evaluation to secure the cleanliness of your backlink profile, our team of skilled link auditors and backlink removal experts are here to assist you.

Link Audit Service

What Do We Offer?

Deep Backlink Analysis

  • We offer many services to boost website rankings and avoid penalties.
  • Backlink management is essential for successful SEO campaigns.
  • We have immense experience assessing backlinks for clients.
  • Our backlink audit is rigorous and identifies harmful or questionable links.
  • We use automated tools and manual reviews to ensure a complete analysis.

We ensure that every aspect is noticed and addressed.

Is your website under siege from negative SEO tactics? Have you been let down by an SEO agency that built unnatural links? Or do you suspect that low-quality links are dragging down your SEO? Fret not, for we are here to help!

Our expert team specializes in uncovering and eliminating these issues, ensuring your website’s backlink profile is finely tuned for optimal SEO results. Say goodbye to the obstacles and say hello to a perfectly optimized website that skyrockets your rankings!

Google Penalty Prevent & Clean Up

Following the launch of Google’s Penguin update, the significance of wrong links changed drastically from having no impact on your rankings to being a significant factor in dragging down your website’s ranking. Your website’s history, including harmful SEO attacks and black hat link building, could have all played a role in causing a significant decline in your search engine rankings.

  • The audit identifies and resolves manual penalties or negative impacts from Google’s algorithm updates.
  • A comprehensive review of your link profile for potential hazards that could lead to algorithmic penalties.
  • Algorithmic penalties can harm your search engine rankings.
  • Proactive measures are taken to prevent obstacles and maintain rankings.

Boost your rankings by eliminating obstacles. Our analysis targets potential hazards to ensure a smooth climb. We dig deep into your backlink profile, purging unwanted links that hold you back. Our proactive team directly engages with web admins, leaving a trace of every outreach effort. If needed, a disavow file is meticulously crafted, signaling Google to disregard toxic links.

Don’t let penalties slow you down. We’ll skillfully appeal to Google’s spam team for reinstatement, restoring your site’s traffic and reclaiming top rankings.

How Does Our Link Building Audit Work?

Step – 1


First, we collect the required data: the website, including its URL, targeted Keyword, and any known issues or penalties from search engines.

Step – 2


We examine and analyze to evaluate the quality of the backlinks, focusing on factors such as relevancy, authority, and trustworthiness of the linking domains to understand how beneficial these links are to a website’s search rankings.

Step – 3


The service will check the anchor text distribution to ensure a healthy mix of anchor texts and not overuse exact match keywords. Using too many keywords leads to Google penalties.

Step – 4


After the audit, a disavow file is created. This file lists harmful or unwanted links that the website owner wants to disconnect from their site. The disavow file is sent to search engines to inform them not to consider those links when assessing the website’s credibility.

Step – 5


We will regularly monitor the website’s backlink profile after implementing the necessary actions. We will also provide detailed reports on the auditor’s findings, steps taken, and improvements in search engine rankings.

Step – 6


We use various tools and techniques to gather data on the website’s backlinks. These include the total number of backlinks, their sources, anchor texts used, and the overall quality of the links.

Step – 6


The audit will pick out any toxic or harmful links that could adversely affect the website’s search engine rankings. Toxic links may come from spammy or low-quality websites, link farms, or directories created solely for SEO manipulation.

Step – 6


We conduct outreach to website owners requesting the removal of harmful links for the long-term health of the website’s backlink profile.

What are the benefits of Link Audit?
Link Building Audit Package
Link Audit Service


Purify Your Profile: Link Audits that Elevate & Protect

Shrushti Digital Marketing – Your One-Stop Link Building Audit Solution

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  • Comprehensive services for all your link building audit needs.
  • Experienced professionals with 10+ years of expertise in link building audits.
  • Uncovering potential issues with your link profile using industry-leading tools and techniques.

Audit Report:

  • Detailed insights into the performance of your link building efforts.
  • Informed decision-making to improve link building strategies.

Real-Time Assistance:

  • 24/7 availability for real-time assistance and guidance
  • Top-notch customer service for a seamless experience

Stress-Free Process:

  • Skilled professionals optimizing your link profile for maximum performance.
  • Making the audit process seamless and stress-free for businesses.

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Maintaining quality and quantity of backlinks is crucial for website optimization. If your site’s traffic and rankings fall off or you struggle to compete with competitors despite SEO efforts, a link audit is a necessary first step. This is particularly crucial if your site has hurt penalties or algorithmic setbacks due to low-quality backlinks.

Our link audit process involves using tools to recognize and assemble all the links pointing to your website. We then carefully evaluate each association and referring domain, assigning them a quality score. If we come across any links that appear unnatural or of poor quality, we flag them for removal. Finally, we provide a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommending the links that should be removed for optimal results.

We conduct a thorough audit of your website’s backlinks and then reach out to the owners of any harmful websites to request link removal. Our outreach efforts are recorded, including contact details, dates, follow-ups, and responses. If requisite, we create a disavow file and submit it to Google. This file informs Google that you don’t endorse those backlinks and don’t want them to affect your website’s rankings. Google’s spam team reviews the file and can remove the harmful links from impacting your website’s SEO.

Good backlinks come from trustworthy and authoritative websites. Google trusts these sites because of their history of natural linking and the high traffic and links they generate. Bad backlinks, on the other hand, come from unknown, irrelevant, or untrustworthy sources. These sources may have a suspicious backlink profile or use unnatural linking practices to manipulate search rankings or harm other websites.

Some firms use negative SEO tactics by purposefully creating harmful backlinks to a specific website, aiming to trigger penalties from Google. These actions can be carried out by competitors or hired black hat SEO agencies to gain an unfair advantage.

Despite Google’s claim that such attacks are ineffective, our experiences have proven otherwise. We strongly recommend that our clients promptly address and disavow these harmful backlinks to avoid current and future ranking issues, especially during major algorithm updates.

Ready to take control of your SEO and outpace your competitors? Don’t wait another minute. Contact Shrushti Digital Marketing today, and let’s get started on your personalized link-building strategy. Your success is our success, and we’re excited to partner with you on this journey. Act now and see the difference Shrushti Digital Marketing can make for your business.

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