How To Be Successful with Instagram Checkout

How to be successful with Instagram Checkout

Instagram launched Checkout in March 2019. At the time they had 26 brands, to begin with, some of them being Zara, Nike, Revolve, etc which were the original beta test group. It is available to businesses in almost all countries across the world now.

This blog post will cover how Instagram Checkout works, its benefits and if a business qualifies for the same.

What is Instagram Checkout?

It is a two-step process that lets users buy products without leaving the Instagram app. The tiny shopping bag circled in the image above indicates that there is a product you can shop for in that image.

Customers can tap to view a product from a shoppable post with the shopping bag icon, and then go on to the payment process, all while still within Instagram. To buy the product all you have to do is enter your name, email, billing address and shipping information the first time you check out.

Instagram said that the feature is aimed at providing “greater transparency for people and businesses, and a more trusted shopping experience”.

You have to apply to Instagram to be able to sell on it. Once you are approved you can set shop. If you are not approved, Instagram will clearly state the reason so you can make amends and apply again.

“Instagram also has the option where creators can set up shop too. Instagram has also already made it possible for influencers and content creators to drive sales through checkout on behalf of brands — creating a complete e-commerce marketplace.”

Instagram’s shopping for creators feature, creators and influencers can add product tags on their posts from their brand partners on their Instagram posts and stories. Users can tap on it and pay directly in the Instagram app.

Instagram doesn’t charge the influencers for promoting brands, there is no affiliate plan in place yet. The influencers get paid by the brand.

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Benefits of Instagram Checkout for Business

Instagram Checkout comes with tons of benefits for businesses and brands. Creators and businesses now have the opportunity to drive sales from just browsing to purchasing in just a few clicks. It is the most seamless experience from browning pictures to buying what’s in those pictures.

It is like the dream we have all been waiting for, to directly buy stuff we have seen on celebs, influencers and creators.

Let’s get into benefits now:

  • Great sales conversion channel
  • Creates opportunities for early adopters

Benefits of Instagram

Here is an Instagram account, Shop, it features all the brands that are available on Instagram Checkout. They curate brands and help you find stores available on Instagram. This is what we mean by an early adopter. The brand has over 726K followers.

Given the advantages, Instagram Checkout still might not be for everyone. The Instagram charges are a little too high for new businesses or startups. They charge 5% per shipment and a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8 or less.

Plus businesses don’t acquire important customer data, like emails and phone numbers. All the transactions are done within the app.

There are other ways to lead customers to your website through Instagram other than Checkout, you can add the link in your bio.


Tips to Drive More Sales with Instagram Checkout

Checkout is a guarantee to drive more sales for a business. There are a few tips that will make the new tool work for your brand.

  1. Be consistent – Consistency is key on Instagram. For everything. Instagram loves and promotes accounts that post consistently. There are many businesses that tag all their pictures with products. You can also add tap to shop in your post description.
  2. Make exclusive product launches on Instagram – Many brands have begun dropping exclusive products on only Instagram. You can also showcase products for 24 hours exclusively on Instagram stories.
  3. Partner with influencers – Instagram allows shopping from creators, these include artists, influencers, and celebrities. They can add product tags to their posts.
  4. Shoppable Story Stickers – Much like tagging a product to an Instagram feed post, product stickers create a direct route for viewers to browse and buy your products from your stories.


It is important to stay up to date with the latest trends on social media, they can help businesses grow and drive sales.

Did you try any of the tips mentioned above?

We would love to hear from you about what was the best tip that changed the way your business works on Instagram.

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