Clickbait headlines examples

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Clickbait headlines examples

Some headlines on the web are simply designed to be incredibly attention-grabbing. Clickbait headlines are often sensationalist, inaccurate, or just outright ridiculous. But undoubtedly when used appropriately, does work when it comes to grabbing a user’s attention and driving clicks. It all comes down to appropriately using the right guidelines.

Using the most popular trends for clickbait is another effective way for you to get more traffic from your clickbait title. It will add something new to your title and be something that your audience will find familiar.

Having both the SEO keyword strategy and the trendy and attractive trend in your title, you have an advantage on both sides, giving you a more powerful and engaging title. This will lead to more traffic on your site and beat out the other competing content out there.

Clickbait titles are necessary because your content is often hustling for the top spot on Google with other quality blog posts or pieces of content. A good title that clarifies what an audience will find in the article can help you stand out and get more traffic.

Here’s an example of a Clickbait headline:

There’s a website of different interesting and entertaining quizzes and there’s one particular quiz for Coffee lovers. So here are some Clickbait headlines for the coffee quiz

  • Coffee Secrets That No One Else will Know About
  • How You Can Do Coffee Almost Instantly
  • If You Want To Be Successful In Coffee, Here Are 11 Invaluable Things To Know
  • What’s Right about Coffee
  • Coffee Tips For Kids
  • 6 Proven Tips to Mastering Coffee
  • What Coffee and Reality Tv Have in Common
  • The Sick Truth of Coffee
  • The Death of Coffee
  • Here’s My Secret Sauce for the best taste in Coffee
  • The Only Coffee Guide You’ll Ever Need in your life
  • The Piece of Coffee Advice That’s Seared Into My Memory
  • How to Achieve Your Coffee Goals in 2022
  • 14 Ways Investing in Coffee Can Make You a Millionaire
  • Is It Time To Talk More About Coffee Quiz?
  • What You Didn’t Realize About Coffee Quiz Is Powerful – But Extremely Simple
  • Coffee Quiz Exposed
  • The Nauseating Truth About Coffee

Another example for Clickbait Headlines is given below.

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Here is an example of good titles for DIY make-up posts are:

  • 15 DIY make-up Tips to Make Your Life Easier 
  • 10 DIY make-up Tips to Avoid Using a make-up artist
  • 7 DIY make-up that can be done in an Afternoon
  • Rules Not To Follow About DIY Make-Up
  • The Anatomy Of DIY Make-Up
  • Learn Exactly How I Improved DIY Make-Up In 10 Days
  • My Biggest DIY Make-Up Lesson
  • 15 Hottest DIY Make-Up Trends for 2021
  • DIY Make-Up on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips

 These are just a few examples of how clickbait headlines can work and be beneficial for your site – without putting in danger your brand’s credibility or reputation.

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