Twitter SEO accounts to follow

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Twitter SEO accounts to follow

As a social media platform, Twitter’s primary role in your marketing strategy will help you to reach and interact with potential customers. SEO Twitter accounts give you the latest SEO news on Twitter.

In the world of social media, you can now also take advantage of your Twitter account as Google and Twitter have a good partnership. This partnership allows Google to access the Twitter feed, permitting Google to index the tweets in search results of Twitter, and giving Twitter a significant role in SEO.

The main reasons that most SEO’s choose Twitter over any other social network are:

  • Twitter is easy to use.
  • It has approx. 330 million monthly active users.
  •  Twitter is a good source of web traffic on your site.
  • Twitter lets you find a targeted audience.
  • It makes it easy to grow your followers faster than other networks.

Here are some Top SEO accounts you should follow for the latest updates.

Matt Cutts, the official representative of Google-the-almighty:

Matt Cutts and his official Twitter account can be especially helpful when it comes to particular announcements. Matt is usually the first one to announce Google search engine’s latest updates, algorithm changes, and things of the kind.

Bill Slawski, the only SEO tech guru out there

Besides being an open-hearted person Bill is also one of the most influential SEOs in the industry who specializes in Google patents.  Bill invests quite a lot of time in reading these patents and interprets them in a way we all could understand.

If you have any questions concerning patents or his posts, Bill will be the last person who will ignore your tweets. No matter what and who you are or what your skillset is he will respond and help. Although Bill is a very experienced technical SEO and is keen on nature.

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Barry Schwartz, SEO specialist with an authentic opinion.

Barry is the Founder of Search Engine Roundtable, a very dynamic and influential SEO blog that’s frequently updated. Barry is very famous for his bold views. His posts are brief and to-the-point so you won’t need too much time.

Barry is a must-follow person because he is probably one of those few SEOs who search forums, listens to other people’s complaints, and then systematizes them all in one picture. Usually, he is the one who questions everything Matt Cutts says and is not afraid to share his ”don’t bullshit a bullshitter” opinion.

Danny Sullivan:

Danny Sullivan is an SEO veteran who is active in the field of SEO for many years. Danny worked on what SEO is today long before google took matters into its hands. As his Twitter bio says, he helps people better understand search and helps Google better hear public feedback.

Danny posts related to any industry changes, scandals, and news as he has very good connections with the Google quality team and comes up with unprejudiced conclusions.

Aleyda Solis:

Aleyda Solis is one of the most remarkable women in SEO who managed to find her place in the traditionally viewed men’s industry. Aleyda’s speciality is in International SEO and she shares her experience very keenly: blog posts, guest posts, Slideshare presentations, conferences, etc.

One should not also forget that she is very active on Twitter and manages to respond to almost any tweet addressed to her no matter whether it’s on SEO or whether you want to discuss the topic out of her field.

Dan Petrovic:

Dan Petrovic has a very interesting personality in SEO who writes brief but very practical posts and analyses SERPs fluctuations with help of Algoroo, a free service developed by his company Dejan SEO.

Dan is to be better contacted on Google+ where he responds constantly, but his Twitter is just an ideal place to keep track of his recent SEO experiments and plunge into an impactful conversation as Dan seems to be always open for a fruitful discussion.

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