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Link Building Expert

If you are looking to boost your search engine rank, you need to hire link building expert. Just applying the fundamentals of SEO will help you rank on Google. You need a holistic strategy and back links help establish your authority to Google. Back links also help your brand’s visibility and improve referral traffic.

The importance of building backlinks

Backlinks are valuable for SEO as they signify a ‘vote of confidence’ from one website to another. They signal to search engines that others find your content useful and authoritative. If there are multiple sites that link to the same webpage or website, search engines can decide that the content is trustworthy and also worth showing on SERPs.  Earning backlinks has a positive impact on the site’s ranking and visibility.


Shrushti builds white hat links for ambitious websites

Our link building experts use a process-driven approach with a well-defined strategy to improve your backlinks and search engine rankings.


Our skilled process includes more than 20 link building strategies that are useful for any website. Be it content promotion, broken link building, unlinked brand mentions, we use a combination of strategies after doing a site audit.


We only aim for top quality websites and influencers that are relevant to our client’s niche and content. Our tried and tested outreach campaigns deliver 100 percent results and we constantly adjust our techniques to get the best responses and rates.


Our link building expert has expertise to build high-authority links for our clients with the help of a range of white hat link building methods. We aim to build a strong backlink profile that helps elevate your above the competition.


Shrushti’s approach is result oriented. Search engines love the links that we build, and our clients trust us to create backlinks that move the needle. We monitor our progress and team up with clients to improve our campaigns and tweak the link building tactics.

Our comprehensive link building services cover:

Link Auditing

We will undertake a thorough audit of your website and identify opportunities for back-link building. Our custom link building strategy aligns with the keywords and pages you want to rank high for.

Content Audits

Any link building exercise is incomplete without a complete content audit. We have a detailed, thoughtful approach towards  blog and web content. Do not let your webpage become stagnant with boring or old content. The right link building expert can not only offer rich keywords but also a detailed content analysis to identify the best opportunities.


Using the latest SEO technologies and solutions, and white hate practices we help you increase your page rankings, web traffic and drive more leads. All this translates into more business for your website.

Content Outreach

Our link building experts have worked with clients in multiple verticals and industries. As a result, our content outreach or link outreach campaigns are meticulously designed by the experts in this domain. We can instantly build quality backlinks for your website.

Content Creation

Our link building specialist will work with you on your content creation strategy to create high-value, linkable content and help you deliver it through the necessary channels.

Meet Atit

Our link building expert at Shrushti Digital Marketing

Atit’s superpower is getting high quality links for our clients across industries.

He gets the best backlinks from websites that have high domain authority. High quality backlinks translate into better referral traffic and higher conversion rate. So, if you require some awesome backlinks then Atit is your man!

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Find out how Atit’s experience in link building can benefit your unique business needs

When implemented right, backlinks don’t just improve your website ranking. They also boost organic traffic to your site and increase crawl rate. Just as great backlinks can improve your ranking and traffic, poor quality backlinks can impact the visibility of your website. 

Atit understand this well and he only uses white hat techniques and a custom-made approach to link building that gives maximum results and avoids penalties with this strategy:

Atit’s 5 Step Link Building Strategy

Set your business goals

Atit aligns our link building efforts to the marketing goals of your company

Competitor Analysis

He will research your competitors and find out their common backlinks to discover competitor’s sources and techniques.

Find out relevant sites

He suggests some relevant sites to get maximum traction and return on investment.

Creation of content

We can create high-quality, engaging content or work with your copywriters to align the content with our strategy.

Reach out to site owner

Post an extensive review process, Atit will reach out to relevant site owners and publish your post.

As you can see from the above-mentioned process, not all backlinks are created equal. We have built a tried and tested process to make sure the backlinks we create will help you receive the optimum coverage and create content that aligns with your marketing goals.

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Why Quality Backlinks matter

Are all backlinks the same? The more, the better doesn’t work for backlinks. Not anymore. It is wiser to opt for fewer, high-quality links than for hundreds of links that don’t add any value to your backlink profile. Not only do weak or risky backlinks don’t help your rankings, but they also make it worse. These links can result in a Google penalty and  a severe loss of organic traffic. 

A primer on links:

  • How many linking pages, domains, subdomains, and root domains?
  • How many links can you aim for each month?
  • There are many kinds of links (Follow, No Follow, Redirects, JavaScript, Frames)
  • Are these money or brand keywords? 
  • What is the link risk? 

You can evaluate these factors differently in different cases.  You can qualify if the link is relevant or right based on the industry, the language, the region and the keywords. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to link building.

Enlist Shrushti’s Link Building Services to Strengthen Your SEO

Web publishing standards and search engine algorithms are created to provide a helpful and trustworthy environment for businesses and customers alike. Yet, some people try to outsmart search engines by using black hat link building strategies.

These types of shady practices are frowned upon in SEO.  While black hat link building may bring quick results, they can cause long-term damage to your brand.

Resorting to unethical SEO practices can get your website penalize or even banned from search results 

Integrate white hat link building solutions with your digital marketing structure to get quality traffic, boost your site’s indexability and create brand recognition.

Why Invest in Link Building Services?

As mentioned earlier, links are an important factor for search engine page results. Here are some numbers that show the power of link building:

SEO has evolved significantly in the past coupled of years. But link building still remains one of the most important factors to rank well in search engines.

While link building is simple to understand, getting quality and relevant websites to link back to your content is difficult to execute. You need the right blend of marketing skills like content creation, research and outreach. All of these are not only time consuming but also hard to implement correctly. 

If you need help in link building strategy or execution, then the right approach is to start with link building consulting.

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How can a link building consultant help grow your business?

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By creating linkable content
On-Site Optimization
Fixing broken links
Social Media Optimization
Social commenting
Email US
Guest posting
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Reclaiming links
Keyword Research
Relevant directories and listings

Link building consultants help you create content that has a higher probability to be linked. For example, long format guides that have comprehensive information. These help you create more backlinks and rank higher in search results. 

Creating research and reports is a great way to generate backlinks as people would love to incorporate your data into their own content, linking back to you. 

Infographics are also an easy way to generate backlinks. This is because infographics are snackable and easy to consume. Those how embed your infographic on their website will add a backlink to your site.

A clever hack that link building experts use is to search for broken links. Across the web, there is a vast number of broken backlinks. The website owners still want to retain the link to a relevant piece of content. This means an opportunity to get a backlink. A link building expert will find these opportunities and create content to fill the gaps.

Some of the best backlinks are from authoritative and relevant websites. Yet, one area that is easily overlooked is backlinks from social media websites and comment sections. Here’s how our link building expert would do this:

He would scour niche forums, question and answer sites, social media websites and the comment sections of industry relevant blogs and leave useful and thoughtful comments on these sites. However, this has to be done carefully without coming across as spammy.

Guest posts are an easy and effective way to generate backlinks. It works because you do much of the leg work of generating content for another website in exchange of getting a quality backlink.

However, as search engines become cleverer, you need to be careful:

  • If the search engine suspects you are trying to game the system, they may penalise you. Flooding a low-quality site with guest posts may lead to trouble.
  • Paid guest posts are those that include payment in form of reciprocal links are also not allowed.

The more you establish your brand authority, the higher your chances of being mentioned on the web without a link. 

A link building consultant will find all the sites where you have been mentioned and ask for a link. This could be review forums, news websites or social media.

A link building expert will also help you earn a mention in relevant directories and resources.

Many of these listings have tremendous worth as they improve your brand’s value. From industry directories to vendor lists and top provider listicles, there are several opportunities for you to earn backlinks.

Measure the ROI of link building consulting services

Unlike other digital marketing techniques link building efforts will not create instant value. However, you can calculate the ROI on a sale from marketing channels. Here are the three most common ways to calculate and measure ROI of link building:


Compare your search engine rankings over time to estimate the benefits or ROI of link building. It is obvious that any site will get more potential customers and conversions if they were in Top 5 versus page 5. 

There are many decent tools online to track your rankings such as SEOmoz or Authority Labs, but you don’t necessarily need to spend on them. If you are interested in a few top terms, then use a spreadsheet to track your SERPs on a regular basis and you can notice the difference that link building makes.

At Shrushti, we offer you extensive reports and analytics to make your job easier.


High traffic is definitely a sign of success. While most traffic doesn’t convert immediately, it is valuable and can convert later. Use the same metrics and analytics to track your website traffic over a period of time to understand the benefit of link building.

You can also use Google Analytics to analyze the value of link building. Use the referrals report under traffic sources and review all the sites that are sending traffic to your website. You can easily spot the ones that were part of the link building campaign.

If you have set up goals, you can also check how many conversions were generated by these links.

Social media

Again, you can use Google Analytics to track the link building success and ROI for social media. Traffic sources/Social can help see what social platforms are sending visitors to your website. 

For many, knowing how many of these hits come to your website is important information. 

One can even leverage the Google Analytics advanced segment section and measure the outcome. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many elements to effective SEO and backlinks are an indispensable part of the search ranking factors. Every link that points to a website is a trust signal for Google, so the more quality links that point back to your website, the better your trust factor.

One of the best ways to earn backlinks from high authority websites is to create awesome content that fits into your current news cycle and ties in with your client’s brand.  A link building expert will not only help you craft the right strategy but also manage the relationship outreach to relevant publications. 

By creating detailed outreach lists and strategically pitching to domain experts, we will help secure coverage and backlinks for the campaign from authoritative sources.

The timeline for a link building campaign may vary based on the format of the content. On average it may take anywhere between 3-6 months to complete a link campaign. This includes content creation, ideation, research and analysis, copywriting, promotion etc. While it only takes a few days for Google to notice backlinks, it takes 10 weeks on average for a new backlink to help a page move higher in the SERPs.

Paid link building or a link scheme is a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines and  as such it shouldn’t be used. Paid link building is when a website pays a 3rd party domain for a followed backlink that points to their website. Paying for links can result in harsh penalties.

Link building has many benefits because Google uses links to rank your site. Here are some other advantages:

  • It builds credibility 
  • It increases website traffic
  • Link building improves site metrics and SEO scores
  • It generates greater revenue opportunities and more sales
  • It helps you build relationships within your domain
  • Link building establishes you as an authority

You can find backlinking opportunities by doing some research. From searching keywords related to your niche to generate content ideas, using Twitter and LinkedIn suggestions, spying on competitor backlinks to finding influencers in your niche, there are multiple avenues to find authority sites.

Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines emphasize a great deal on the concept of E-A-T, short for expert, authoritative and trustworthy. Sites that don’t demonstrate these signs are seen as lower quality, while those that are seen as high on E-A-T are rewarded accordingly. The more popular and authoritative a website is, the better weightage is given to links from that site. To build your own credibility, you need links from websites that show the qualities of EAT.

Take Your Link Building To The Next Level

Get higher in the search pages with the help of our Link Building Expert!
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