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A domain name is the representation of your online business. If you are at crossroads with the idea of what to choose between .biz and .com read along to know the difference between the two and which will be more beneficial specifically to your business. You could benefit from selecting .biz over .com.

Both .com and .biz are quite popular domain extension choices throughout the internet. Not many people put in a lot of thought before selecting a domain name, which can later become problematic for a business. Don’t take your domain name lightly. The domain name is equally important as the website, though content will keep traffic on the webpage, the domain name is what drives the traffic to a webpage.

.com Vs .biz

Though not as popular as .com, .net or .org, .biz is still fare well from a SEO standpoint when they are adequately optimized for SEO. With the .biz, you can use a domain name that has been already taken by the .com counterpart. It allows you to choose a short user-friendly domain name. Although, the .biz extension is popularly used for business websites. So if you are looking for a domain name for a personal or informational website .biz is not suited for you.

An additional hurdle is if the .com counterpart with the same name is selling similar products, you have a high risk of losing potential customers to them.

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What are .biz Domains used for?

.biz is mostly or in fact only used for business or commercial purposes. To establish an influential online presence the domain extension plays an important role. The .biz is a common top level domain (TLD) recognized by Google and also other search engines. The .biz was bought to use in the year 2001 with many other new extensions such as .info, and .museum.

Currently, there are over 2 million websites using the .biz extension. You legally have to only register a business with a .biz extension. Unlike .info and .co which can be used for any kind of website.

Domain extensions convey the location and purpose of a website. A .org website is mostly used for charities, NGOs, and other non-commercial purposes. Whereas, .info is generally an informational website, and a .biz is usually a business website. Consequently, it is the best option for a business.

.biz and SEO

Though .com is considered the default browser and most often chosen over any other extension even though many other extensions are available. Why is that? Well, it is the oldest and most memorable extension. That makes it the best extension for SEO as well.

Anyway, search engines don’t penalize websites if they don’t have a .com extension. They rank websites based on their content and best SEO practices. So any business with good SEO strategies can easily dominate the search engines irrespective of their domain extension.

Winding it up

Not every business has the advantage of choosing a .com extension for their business, they are either already in use or very expensive. Alternatively, .biz are easily available and can be procured for cheap.

There are pros and cons for a .biz domain.

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