How to Write Great PPC Adverts Copy

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Write Great PPC Adverts Copy

Most of the online business professionals are now aware of the power of PPC Management which is also known as Pay Per Click advertising. In the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) field, it is now essential to give importance to keyword advertising or paid search for quick results and targeted conversion in the cutthroat competition of online business. PPC advertising is a form of online advertising used to increase the number of people visiting your website.

PPC Management is, a form of online advertising, is still seen as an alien concept because the offline media such as TV, newspapers, and radio, most people have a limited understanding of how it works. Considering this fact, this article will give you tips on how to write killer PPC ads. On the other hand, simply launching a PPC campaign and throwing up a bunch of adverts isn’t a guarantee of success. Using PPC advertising, you can quickly make your business website visible in search engines and start generating traffic. All you need to know is how to write effective PPC ads.

Understand the Objective for the Keywords

Keywords are utmost important for any PPC ads, you must emphasize on that before you start with the campaign, give it a time for keyword research using Google keyword tool and the recent trend of the keywords. It is essential to understand the importance of keywords before you implement them into the PPC ads. There will be always surprising and random keywords used by the user or the searcher, therefore, keyword research strategy is must before you start your PPC campaign. It is crucial to make your PPC ad creative and informative with the title and its description, as there will be a character limit. You need to understand the average searcher’s intent behind every keyword you target and do your best to identify keywords with high commercial intent that will trigger action.

Incorporate the Keyword(s) in Your PPC Ads

The most beneficial tip is to hallmark your keyword in the title and the description body of the PPC ads.  Search Engine Optimization is equally important while doing PPC Ads for the successful campaign and its result. If one can do that for the URL as well then it will be great for an effective and expected result. Why is this important? First, it reassures searchers that you have what they’re looking for; second, when you include the searcher’s keyword in your ad copy, the keyword will be bolded, making your ad stand out.

Keep Your Focus on a Benefit

Consumers are always interested in what’s in it for them. It’s not enough to put up a generic, keyword-driven ad; you have to sell the searcher in order to get them to click. For example, if you had access to exclusive listings people can’t search anywhere else, you’d want to mention that in your ad. Or if your site has some unique feature that makes browsing homes easier, focus your ad on that. It’s all about selling the searcher on the benefits they can experience when they visit your site.

Double Check Your PPC Ads Ties in With Landing Page

The crux of a successful PPC campaign is to optimize your Landing Page. The page where your PPC ad will drive the traffic should be result-oriented and fulfill all the queries why the user had come for otherwise it may result into wasting the effort and of course money too. Your web page optimization also leads to improve your rankings in search results. There needs to be unity between what you’re saying in your PPC ads and what you’re saying on your landing pages. If your ad is about one thing but your landing page has a completely different message, you’ll confuse visitors and make them go away. Be consistent in your messaging.

Get Them to Take Action

The key point of the great PPC Ads is the “Call to Action”. Let searchers know in advance what you want them to do when they arrive on your page. For example, your ad might tell them to “Search homes in your area now for free.” Or it might tell them to sign up for a free consultation. The point is to have a clear, compelling call to action in your ad, and make sure you repeat that call to action on your landing page to make it more effective for any PPC campaign.

Maintain Quality Score

Quality Score matters as it represents the relevance of your ads to users’ search queries. Google is a leading search engine, and according to Google, one must keep it that way. The Quality Score helps them ensure that the ads users see are relevant to their search queries. Quality Score is extremely important for many reasons.

While according to the advertisers, this metric determines whether a keyword is even eligible to enter an auction and, therefore, whether your ad will show for a user’s query on the Google Search Network. Furthermore, the quality score and the CPC bid determine the ad rank, which is very important, especially for advertisers with a limited budget. The ad rank formula for the Google Search Network is as follows:

• Ad Rank = CPC bid × Quality Score
With Quality Score as a factor in determining ad rank, advertisers with small budgets can work hard to optimize their accounts. They can end up in top ad positions, even if their bid is lower than a competitors’ bid with a lower Quality Score. Quality Score also affects ad placement on the Google Display Network. The ad rank formula for keyword-targeted ads is as follows:

• Ad Rank = Display Network bid × Quality Score
For placement-targeted ads on the GDN, Google considers your bid, either for the ad group or for individual placements, and your ad group Quality Score. The ad rank formula for placement-targeted ads on the Google Display Network is as follows:

• Ad Rank = Bid × Quality Score
Ultimately, Quality Score affects your account health and success. If your keyword-level Quality Score is too low, your keyword might not even be able to enter an auction, meaning your ad won’t show and get to compete for a searcher’s business. If your Quality Score is low, your ad rank will be low, likely meaning less traffic to your site and a lower ROI.

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