Confused Over SEO or PPC for Online Success

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Confused Over SEO or PPC for Online Success

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When considering online marketing, you have two key ways for marketing your business website i.e., SEO and PPC. In fact both are convenient strategies to enhance your online presence and growing the number of web traffic moving to your site , the amount to which you’ll need to invest in each of these strategies will change depending on your company’s specific products and priorities .

To determine which strategy is befitting for you, it’s necessary to first figure out the important differences between these two processes:

Pros & Cons of “SEO” & “PPC”

Pros and Cons of SEO

SEO Services

Let’s Find Out Pros And Cons Of SEO To Determine Benefits


  • Long Run Benefits: By the search engine optimization you can actually increase traffic to your website from leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. for lifelong which leads to increase long run benefits.
  • Deal with Competitors: As you’re launching online business, you’re usually planning on strategy and branding. Good branding will emphasize your uniqueness and set you before your competitors in the eyes of shoppers.
  • Enhance Site Visibility: Nowadays, you’ll have observed all the leading brands and manufacturers are frequently combating for highly valuable online visibility, SEO Plays vital role to improve online visibility.
  • Brand Awareness: The more shoppers see your brand at the top pages of search engines the more familiar they’ll become with your brand name which will build up your brands popularity. Customer’s opinion of quality is very important here as often shoppers consider that the prime sites in search engines provide the best quality products and service therefore by making your company’s online brand visibility you’ll be winning over the minds of customers.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: As compared to other types of advertising and marketing like PPC, SEO can be seen as very cost-effective.
  • Improve Sales Ratio: If your site is standing higher in leading search engines that imply more potential customers are going to visit your site and obviously it will improve sales ratio.


  • Limited Targeted Keywords: Targeted keywords are depends on search volumes and competition. We are not able to target more number of keywords as in PPC.
  • Time Consuming: It requires more time, effort and quality to get rankings on first page.
  • Geographic Targets: It’s challenging to set your site on top position only for specific geographic region where your targeted consumers are located
  • Flexibility: SEO does not deliver flexibility just like PPC such as landing page, different advertisements and geographical targets by IP location.
  • Searching Is An Evolving Process: SEO is a regularly evolving practice that needs continuous maintenance
  • Quality Is Everything: Maintain quality else hit by algorithmic update (Google Panda & Penguin).

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Pros and Cons of PPC (Pay Per Click)


  • Quick experiment ( Analyze % of Conversion Ratio)
  • No need to worry about SEO Algorithmic Update (Google Panda/Penguin)
  • PPC has a better conversion rate (Take Care of Landing Page)
  • PPC is easier to set up in the short-term
  • PPC is easier to customize
  • PPC will hold its place on SERPs


  • PPC Is Controlled By A Budget – If you have low budget for advertising, go for SEO.
  • Accident Clicks: You can even lose money from fake hits when a publisher sets their text ads in places which could make visitors assume that the links are involved in the website.
  • Click Fraud : This kind of fraud has become a big issue for those involved in text ads and PPC. A number of web publishers will try to get extra bucks by clicking on the adverts on their own websites.
  • No Guarantees: The only guarantee is that you will definitely get a number of clicks; however that will not always convert into sales.
  • Heavy Competition: Large organizations are promoting their online business through PPC with their higher budgets; they have made it tough for the average small or medium entrepreneur to afford most targeted keywords.

What Is Your Website Advertising Budget?

After analyzing SEO and PPC Services Pros and Cons, you can easily make decision to promote your business online. After all, budget and time plays a vital role to promote your business online. If you’re monthly promotional budget is high and want to launch your product to target particular region and time (e.g., Seasonal Offers including festival like Valentine Day), PPC is convenient option.

If you are looking for long term and continues profit, it is advisable to go for SEO. But do you think that only SEO or PPC is enough to promote your business online? Don’t forget to comment!

Monitor Traffic and Conversion Ratio

Actually I call myself a search engine optimizer  but I really do considerably more. I make an effort to guide my clients to make them aware of all the promotional activities that lead to a successful website. SEO is significant link in this string. I focus mainly on providing targeted search engine traffic, but I also experiment in site usability (conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization & site usability audit), PPC, Social Media Marketing, and even email marketing.

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