Case Study Social Signals to Improve Search Rankings
Case Study For Social Signals

New SEO algorithm’s may come out every couple of months and we don’t know what gonna happen to site rankings, social media transforms come to pass on a regular basis. In spite of everything, it is important to figure out the appropriate relationship between the two. Now, Social Media Marketing has grown and become an important element of SEO ranking, isn’t it? Let’s find out with simple social signals for blog case study.

Main Object

Before conducting any activities particularly in search engine marketing, it is necessary that you should be aware of your targeted object like “keywords rankings”, “region targeted organic traffic”, “Sales or Business Lead” and more. A number of webmasters always trying hard to get ranked and sales conversion through off-site optimization and they are not giving much priority to social signals/media. Here I have conducted a case study. It is a simple case study to know the impact of social signals. Social signal really helps to boost search ranks as well as to build brand awareness. It’s up to you how you use social media along with SEO.

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Targeted Object

I have been trying hard to achieve top rankings in Google particularly UK region. This blog is related to online vouchers. Voucher gets changed every month and I have to update that voucher to serve updated vouchers to consumers, it means every month vouchers and content get changed. It is difficult to rank using simple WordPress blog at the top of a search result because competitors page authority and domain authority is obviously higher than the normal WordPress blog.

So, this bit difficult task I have completed even I have not imagined. My target was to achieve rank in 1st page of SERP and not in first five.

To Get Top Rank on Targeted Keywords

It’s simple blog; I have targeted only one long tail keyword that is “Argos Voucher Codes March 2013”. I have elaborated that keyword in the Title, Post URL, Header tags and in content. If you check blog content, you will find only two lines content and other are related to vouchers that is copied from the original source.

Now, it becomes more difficult to get ranked with duplicated content. So, I have decided to get rank through social media signals.

SERP Situation When Blog Was Published

I have published my blog in Feb‘13 and it was ranked at 400th position. That time it seems impossible to get ranked on the first page of SERP even in top 50. I have just focused on social sharing and no other activities like off-page link building.

A Few Things I Have Learned Along The Way…

  • Importance of Social Signals
  • A Picture Tells A Thousand Words
  • Need To Implement Facebook Comment
  • Keep Patience
  • Think on Quality not Quantity

The Result

I have achieved my goal to rank on 1st page in for the keyword “Argos Voucher Codes March 2013” through social signals.
Note: Duration of Case Study – Feb’13 to March’13.

Key Social Signals Stats

  • Results impact within just 1 month
  • Increased Organic Traffic
  • Enhance Visibility
  • Rank more than one keyword

Social Networks
Number of Retweets, Google+ sharing, Facebook likes and sharing.

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