Bamboo Ave’s SEO Journey from 3,417 to 5,690 Clicks with Shrushti Digital Marketing
Bamboo Ave’s SEO Journey from 3,417 to 5,690 Clicks in 3 Months!


Bamboo Ave is the brainchild of Mariah and Tray, a travel-loving couple with a passion for sustainability and comfort. Their mission? To create the world’s most versatile clothing that’s incredibly comfy and eco-friendly. Inspired by the lush landscapes of Laos, Bamboo Ave’s journey is a squiggly path symbolizing life’s adventures—ups, downs, and all the in-betweens. Explore Bamboo Ave’s eco-conscious, travel-ready fashion today.


  • Increase organic website traffic for 5-inch and 7-inch shorts.
  • Improve product visibility in search engine results.
  • Enhance keyword rankings related to sustainable shorts.
  • Drive targeted traffic for higher sales conversions.
  • Optimize product pages to boost conversion rates.
  • Reduce bounce rates on product pages.


    To achieve the improvements including clicks, conversions, and a higher average position, a combination of on-site and off-site SEO strategies were implemented. Here are the steps taken for each:

On-Site SEO:

Keyword Optimization:

  • Conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-value keywords related to 5-inch and 7-inch shorts.
  • Optimized product pages with target keywords in titles, headings, meta descriptions, and throughout the content.

Content Enhancement:

  • Updated and expanded product descriptions for 5-inch and 7-inch shorts to provide detailed information and value to potential buyers.
  • Created engaging and informative blog posts about activewear trends, sustainability, and styling tips to attract and retain visitors.

Technical SEO:

  • Improved website speed and performance to enhance user experience and reduce bounce rates.
  • Implemented schema markup for product pages to improve rich snippets in search results.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Ensured that the website was fully responsive and mobile-friendly to cater to a wider audience.

Internal Linking:

  • Implemented strategic internal linking to guide users to relevant product pages and blog posts, reducing bounce rates.

User Experience (UX) Improvements:

  • Enhanced navigation and user interface design on product pages to make the shopping experience smoother.
  • Implemented clear and compelling calls to action (CTAs) to encourage conversions.

Enhancing Technical Foundations: SEMrush Score and Error Correction

As part of our comprehensive SEO strategy for Bamboo Ave, we recognized the importance of not only optimizing the visible aspects of the website but also addressing the technical foundation that underpins search engine performance. One crucial aspect of this technical optimization is the SEMrush Score, a metric that provides insights into the overall health and performance of the website.

Our journey to improve Bamboo Ave’s SEMrush Score involved a meticulous process of error correction and technical enhancements. Here’s a closer look at how we achieved this transformation:

Previous score:


Improved Score:

Untitled 1

1. Comprehensive Website Audit: We initiated the process with a thorough website audit to identify technical issues, errors, and areas for improvement. This audit served as the foundation for our action plan.

2. Error Resolution: We meticulously addressed errors such as broken links, duplicate content, and issues related to website speed and performance. These corrections not only improved the SEMrush Score but also enhanced the user experience.

3. Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the growing importance of mobile users, we optimized the website to ensure it was fully responsive and mobile-friendly. This not only positively impacted the SEMrush Score but also expanded Bamboo Ave’s reach to a broader audience.

4. Schema Markup Implementation: To enhance rich snippets in search results, we implemented schema markup for product pages. This made it easier for search engines to understand and display key information about Bamboo Ave’s products.

5. Performance Boost: We made significant improvements to the website’s speed and overall performance. A faster website not only contributes to a better SEMrush Score but also reduces bounce rates and keeps visitors engaged.

6. Ongoing Monitoring: Our commitment to Bamboo Ave’s SEO success didn’t stop with the initial improvements. We continue to monitor and fine-tune the technical aspects of the website to maintain a healthy SEMrush Score and overall SEO performance.

The progress from the previous SEMrush Score to the present one showcases the tangible results of our technical optimization efforts. It reflects our dedication to not only elevating Bamboo Ave’s online visibility but also ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors. Our journey continues, driven by a commitment to excellence in SEO and sustainable fashion.

Off-Site SEO:

Backlink Building:

Conducted an outreach campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the fashion and sustainability niche.

Encouraged influencers and bloggers to review and link to Bamboo Ave’s 5-inch and 7-inch shorts.

Content Marketing:

Developed a content marketing strategy that included publishing informative articles, infographics, and videos about Bamboo Ave’s shorts.

Shared this content on social media platforms and within relevant online communities.

Competitor Analysis:

Conducted ongoing competitor analysis to identify strategies that were working well for others in the sustainable clothing industry.

These combined efforts in on-site and off-site SEO contributed to significant improvements in GSC & GA data, including increased clicks, Conversions, impressions, and a higher average position. The strategies aimed to both enhance the website’s relevance and authority in search results and provide a better overall experience for visitors, resulting in increased organic traffic and engagement.

Organic Keyword Improvement:

At Bamboo Ave, our mission has always been to make sustainable fashion accessible and appealing to everyone. A significant part of achieving this goal involves ensuring that our products, particularly the 5-inch and 7-inch shorts, are easily discoverable by those seeking eco-conscious and comfortable clothing options.

Untitled 2

Bamboo Ave’s SEO Journey from 3,417 to 5,690 Clicks with Shrushti Digital Marketing 1

We are thrilled to share the progress we’ve made in improving the visibility of these shorts through organic keyword optimization:

Keyword Improvement for “5 Inch”:

Untitled 3

Our targeted efforts in optimizing content and aligning it with relevant keywords have significantly enhanced the ranking and visibility of our 5-inch shorts. We believe that comfortable, sustainable fashion should be within reach for all, and this keyword improvement reflects our commitment to making that a reality.

Keyword Improvement for “7 Inch”:

Untitled 4

Keyword Improvement for “7 Inch”:

pasted image 0
pasted image 0 1

Clicks: Surged from 3,417 to 5,690, showcasing increased user engagement.

Impressions: Soared from 94.7k to 246k, expanding brand exposure.

Average Position: Elevated from 26.5 to 19.4, signifying higher search rankings.

These improvements underscore the success of our strategies in boosting Bamboo Ave’s online presence and audience engagement.

Conversion Metrics:

pasted image 0 2

In our journey with Bamboo Ave, we’ve achieved remarkable results in turning visitors into loyal customers:

  • Conversion Rate: 38.6%
  • Nearly four out of ten visitors make a purchase or take action.
  • User Increase: 14.5%
  • A growing digital community, reflecting our success in retaining and attracting customers.
  • New Users: 12.6%
  • Fresh faces joining our movement, expanding Bamboo Ave’s reach.

These numbers reveal our commitment to making Bamboo Ave’s sustainable and comfortable fashion accessible and appealing to an ever-widening audience.


Our journey with Bamboo Ave has been nothing short of transformative. From enhancing online visibility to achieving outstanding conversion rates, our shared commitment to sustainable and comfortable fashion has yielded remarkable results.

With a conversion rate of 38.6%, we’ve not only attracted traffic but also persuaded visitors to become loyal customers. The 14.5% increase in users and 12.6% growth in new users reflect a thriving community that resonates with Bamboo Ave’s vision.

These achievements are not just numbers; they are a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for sustainability. Together, we’ve not only elevated Bamboo Ave’s online presence but also crafted a success story that aligns with the brand’s commitment to making eco-conscious fashion accessible and appealing to all.

As our journey continues, we look forward to further elevating Bamboo Ave’s brand, bringing sustainable fashion to an even wider audience, and creating a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

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