Things You Need to Know Before Creating a Dynamic Website

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What is difference between static and dynamic website

Dynamic websites are updated by user input. The content of dynamic websites changes based on what visitors do.

In comparison to a dynamic website, a static site is easier to make. No coding experience is necessary to create a static website. Static sites however, don’t change as often as dynamic sites, which are more flexible.

Although static sites are more complex than dynamic ones, they offer few advantages. Static pages do not allow for user interaction. Search engines rank these pages higher.

Are static pages better than dynamic ones?

Depending on how often you plan on updating the site, a web host may not be the best choice. Dynamic websites are better suited for frequent updates. Consistently updating content on a permanent website over an extended timeframe can be very beneficial.

Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the most popular dynamic websites. Google and Wikipedia are static sites.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dynamic websites


  • Dynamic websites can be updated more easily
  • Dynamic websites are more visually appealing
  • Dynamic websites can be made flexible


  • Dynamic websites take longer to design
  • Dynamic websites are challenging to maintain
  • Dynamic websites don’t rank well in search engine results

Websites that are static


  • No need to pay for hosting or maintenance in order to update your site whenever you want
  • Your website will be accessible around the clock


  • Making it look appealing is harder
  • Security is an issue you need to consider
  • Your site must be prepared for all possible pitfalls

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