6 Significant Ways To Start Your Ecommerce Store With Low Budget​

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Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, says, “We see our customers as the invited guests to the party, and we are their hosts. It is our responsibility to make every aspect of consumer experience a little better.”

Across the globe, nations like China and the USA possess the most significant online buyers. This showcases the significance of online marketing or what we call eCommerce. But, setting up a business website and reaching out to masses may become tedious. There is a need for reputed SEO and Digital Marketing experts who can do the job better.

For all this, you require a budget. However, a few of us may be running low on the budget, and some others may have an excellent budget. What is your actual budget? Are you aware? If not, it’s time to consider all the market factors.

eCommerce involves electronic buying and selling of the products. So, it takes time, patience, and of course, money to set up an excellent website that renders maximized ROI. To get started, you can opt for eCommerce SEO consultant services. The specialists will provide useful insight into how to create a web presence, how to reach out to the masses, and what kind of personalized campaign will be curated.

Let’s now see how you can start an eCommerce/online store on a lean budget.

Use WordPress

WordPress is used by almost 63.5% of businesses globally. It is one of the most straightforward solutions for all website owners. 1 out of 4 website runs on this platform. You can set up your eCommerce store on this platform for free, as this is an open-source platform. Even you can install other third-party plugins with this platform.

But, yes, you need to get the hosting platform of your own with WordPress. You can choose any of the popular hosting providers that render optimized solutions for your website. Another great thing about choosing WordPress as your go-to platform is that you can take its plan for as little as $4 monthly. So, this falls into the budget of startups to mid-sized companies.

Other than WordPress, you can choose free trial eCommerce platforms like Big Cartel, Shopify, Weebly, WooCommerce, etc.

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Choose the Right Product for Sales

If you already have a product line that’s ready for sales, then setting up an eCommerce store will not be a problem. What if you are still carrying out R&D? You need to perfect your product line and consider numerous marketing factors. Some of them are:

  • Niche Audience: Consider the product that you want to sell to your niche audience.
  • Focused Ad Targeting: If your product offering is considerable, the ad targeting will be pin-point too.
  • Choose the Product: Budding sellers who do not possess a clue about the products can check on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. It will provide an insight into what products are most favorable. The higher the number for the product search, the higher is its demand in the customer market. Like, you can take the example of sanitizers and hand washes that are being sold from top brands globally.
  • Wisely Pick the Keywords: It is necessary to research widely and thoroughly for high and low-density keywords. Long-tail keywords are preferred nowadays. Even voice search is also gaining significant momentum. So, to optimize your keyword search and the products, you can take eCommerce SEO expert services from a reputed service provider.
  • Choose the Right Prices and Profit Margins: It is necessary to choose the right price and profit margin before selling your products. The prices must be suited to your niche market, and profit margin must be picked, keeping warehousing, transportation, etc. charges in mind.

Take Care of Your Competitors

The online market is full of competition, and you need to be unique to stay ahead in the game.

As it’s rightly said, “Today, it is not about getting the traffic, but it’s about getting the relevant and targeted traffic.”

So, studying your market competitors and their strategies is necessary. It will help you to get a deep insight into the present marketing trends. Even you can get abreast of your competitor’s product campaigns and plans. It will help you to save excellently on your budget.

The full market research and business plan will help you to remove all the negative sides. You can invest in ROI-based marketing campaigns. It will help you retrieve great results. Moreover, you will no more be wasting your money on unnecessary activities but only essential things.

Opt for Right Template and List Out Your Products

As you have opted for your product, researched about the competitors, chosen the eCommerce site platform, now is the time to pick the right template, and optimize your listing. It is crucial to select the style, theme, or template that goes well according to your business.

If your product has visuals, opt for the template that can showcase the pictures correctly. Moreover, it must include sections like home page, about us page, products, contact, and blog pages too. Like, if you are designing your website on WordPress, then you can choose these free WP 2020 themes. They fit every type of business requirement quite well.

Another thing to focus on your template is the product listing. You can optimize multiple products with the right keywords, which you are selling through your store. By taking the services from an experienced and professional eCommerce SEO specialist, you can get your website’s title tags, product descriptions, images, videos, and product keywords optimized seamlessly. It will help you to reach your audience fast, and these free templates can also be optimized hassle-free.

Outsourcing Services to Freelancers

Precisely, there are about 30 million freelancers who are working globally and outsourcing their services to customers daily. Freelancing is becoming a new normal as you can avail types of website-based services right from designing and development to digital marketing. Even you can easily find an eCommerce SEO expert. Many digital marketers and SEO specialists extend freelancing services to startups as well as small-sized eCommerce businesses.

You can find freelancers through reputed platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, and much more. All these sites have people from across the globe, and you can negotiate the budget with the selected freelancer. The best thing about taking freelancer’s services is that you can pay them for hours they have worked and the work accomplished by them.

There are no extra expenses involved as you have to pay for the services extended to you. However, taking services from an agency can cost you more money, and it may go out of your budget too. One thing you need to seek here is to evaluate each profile carefully so that there is no problem faced during the work.

Make Use of Web Extensions, Plugins, Or Apps

Well, to get an eCommerce store that is easy to build and manage, you can use free apps, plugins, or extensions, or even the cheaper ones available online. This way, you can promote your website in the most affordable way possible. A few extensions, plugins, or apps you can opt for your website includes the following:
For taking care of the site’s analytics, one can use MonsterInsights.
Either get services from SEO specialists or manage SEO in-house with the help of the Yoast extension.
The custom filter options for the products are provided through the WooCommerce product filter. This easily lets your customers scroll through your products.
Still, lagging behind the launch date? No worries, the Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode help with designing amazing ‘Coming Soon’ pages. It will help your audience acknowledge that you are working on something interesting.
With these apps, plugins, and extensions, you can ensure your website SEO is up-to-date, customers can find the products effortlessly, create personalized product campaigns, and help customers to track orders easily. So, the use of free extensions and other plugins can save a lot of money.

Are You Ready to Set-up Your Online Business?

With time everything is changing, and the online business is upscaling manifold. Now, the businesses that are deciding to start their venture can look after these pointers and start their eCommerce store under a few hundred dollars. With these practical insights, sellers can create their online presence and reach out to their target audiences easily. Moreover, by taking the services of the reputed eCommerce SEO consultant like Shrushti, you can optimize your store and increase its ranking in the search results. We have helped many eCommerce startups to grow with our rich experience and in-depth knowledge of various industries. We will not only help you in the technology aspect but analyzing the current online market and promote your business. Let’s connect and discuss how we can bring success to your new eCommerce venture at a low cost.

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