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By browsing for SEO services in India you may discover a range of agencies that provide a variety of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing services. We at, are authentic and take significant delight in offering customized SEO/SEM and Internet Marketing Services in India that are the best.

There are number of websites that offers attractive/fixed packages for preset amount of keywords. If you are looking for cheap seo services or fixed seo package, you have come at wrong place because we believe to provide affordable and professional tailored seo services in India as well as all over the world plus we provide free SEO audit report that gives you an idea that what is the current situation of your website and what is recommended to boost search rankings as well as sales conversion ratio.

We optimize video for YouTube, Google, Bing and other video networks.
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Advance (Considering Latest Algorithmic Update) SEO/SEM Campaigns

Our objective is not just to build up your website’s presence within the search engines, however to increase visitors to your website that improve sales conversion. Gaining this involves even more than regular tactics. At, we believe in our expertise, knowledge, but what is more important is our advanced planning and ideas to make sure we offer you the optimum results. We regularly keep an eye on the Google algorithm and refine accounts to make sure they are consistently gaining the most productive results.

Advance Link earning practices, generating significant content and integrating social signals across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ help us obtain best results for our clients. We are not stressing about your niche because we have expertise in almost all the instances of search engine marketing, find out the industries that we are specialists in >>

At, you can be positive that your SEO marketing campaigns are well-planned, serving good quality results every time. This is what we do well in. Seems great isn’t it?

Why your website needs Search Engine Optimization?

  • Internet Marketing and SEO campaigns are the best way of promotion that can sets your
    online business, services or products in front of your highly targeted market.
  • Enhance visibility and brand awareness of your site.
  • Drive more traffic to get back your ROI.
  • E-commerce site has been growing fastest way that influences many shoppers to buy from
    online sources.
  • Numbers of business are switching to online business to amplify their profit.
  • Millions of searches are performed to find different products/services that help you to grow
    your online business.

Our Search Engine Marketing Work Process:

Find out our below search engine marketing process that provides brief ideas about how we execute your campaign.

1. Website Audit

Gives you the insight you’ll need to improve your business.
Advantages of SEO audit:
  • Improve on page SEO
  • Recommended SEO tips for your website
  • Free PDF report
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2. Website Development

Web Development Is Not Just About Design and Coding:
  • Develop SEO Friendly Webpage
  • Make Necessary Changes after SEO Audit
  • Improve Conversion Ratio

3. Keyword Research & Suggestion

Keywords Selection based on search volume that drives more traffic as well as conversion ratio:
  • Exclusive Keyword Research
  • Keyword Data You Can Act On
  • Drive more organic traffic and sales conversion
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4. Competitor Analysis

An evaluation of the strong points and weak points of existing and potential competitors:

Competitor analysis includes a couple of major actions like getting information
regarding significant competitors, and making use of those details to forecast
competitor actions. The objective of competitor evaluation is always
to understand.

5. On Site Optimization

SEO friendly on site optimization that helps to improve crawling rate as well as search rankings:
  • Better Crawling Of Your Content
  • Quicker Load Times And Better Website Performance
  • More Accessibility
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6. Off Site Optimization

SEO friendly off site optimization that helps to improve search rankings:
  • Quality Link Earnings Tactics
  • Marketing/Optimization
  • Get ranks in leading search engines

7. Social Media Marketing

Enhance your online brand awareness through social media marketing strategy:
  • Social Engagement
  • Building Relationships
  • Explain Your Product Or Service andImprove Brand Awareness
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8. Report

Monitoring Strategies Execution:
It’s really helpful that a proper monitoring program is executed to offer campaign productivity to be moderate, tracked, and reported.

Why choose Shrushti for SEO Services?

  • Tailored SEO/SEM Service Package plus no hidden costs.
  • Professional SEO Services at Industries Competitive Rates.
  • Enhance your Online Business by driving more visitors to your site
  • Improve Ranking s to boost Sales Conversion ratio.
  • Increase & manage business Leads and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Enhance Online Visibility to get continues profit to your business.
  • Leading SEO Services in India.

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