SEO Process

SEO is a puzzle - We'll Solve it for you

We know that every site is unique; we know each niche has a different competition. And that’s why we create a tailor made package for you, to give you all elements of our SEO process and sound simple and easy reporting.
Our SEO process starts with a research to know what is called success for you, and it goes via discovery, research, suggestion and changes, content creation, architecture and optimization, links, socialization and online presence, measurements, analytics, tracking, fine tuning and ends with reporting and continue to work in order till we reach the goal
When it’s all said and done you’ll find that our Organic SEO Services will pay for themselves over and over again.

What we do?

  • Business objective
  • Market research
  • Audience research
    i. Analytics mining
    ii. Social listening
    iii. Quantities analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Site Audit
  • Asset inventory
    i. Content audit
    ii. Brand relationship
    iii. Offline assets
  • g. Competitive analysis
  • h. Measurement planning
  • Content Ideation
  • Wireframes
  • Content build
  • Link Strategy
  • PR
  • Contests
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Social Implementation
  • Technical build
  • Implementation Audit
  • Reporting
  • Link Reporting
  • Conversion rate – optimization
  • Continued SEO
( This SEO process is shared by @ipullrank on seomoz blog, and we are at Shrushti implementing it for our clients to the most possible levels we can. You can view it in details at here )

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