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Improving your local search ranking on Google is important

If your business thrives on local customers, then local SEO is the way to go. Local results are those that appear for people who search for businesses and services within their location. Google shows them a number of results that include maps and search. 

Did you know that 90% of consumers use search engines to find local services and 82% of users use their smartphone to look up for local businesses online? You need to show up in their search and connect with these consumers because they are your most captive audience. 

Our local SEO service helps local shoppers find your business easily in search results. When customers search for your category of business online using a phrase + “near me” or the city name, local SEO helps you outshine the competition by showing up first in the results. 

How can you dominate the local search results? With Shrushti Digital Marketing’s local SEO strategy, you can direct customers to your business and not the competitors in your location.

Our SEO team has skills and experience in local search and understands how to drive results. We also stay updated on local search rule changes and tweak our strategies accordingly. So, whether it is creation of local content or acquiring backlinks from sponsors, we can take you to the top.

The objectives of a successful local SEO campaign include:

  • Enhanced local visibility in search and online listings for local buyers
  • Google loves local businesses as they cater to highly specific queries and attract focused customers
  • Improved website traffic and leads from geographically targeted areas
  • Highly targeted traffic and better-quality leads for relevant search phrases
  • Improved Google Maps and local listing visibility in Google
  • Better reputation management with reviews and ratings to establish brand credibility
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Why Choose Shrushti for Your Local SEO

Local On-Page Optimization
Link Building & Local Listing Citations
Accurate and Concise Reporting
Local SEO strategy

We optimize your website for local searches so that search engines understand your business and target customers. We achieve this with maps optimization, schema markup, NAP data and localized keyword optimization. Our aim is to develop relevant, informative and keyword-rich information that keeps getting you traction.

Link building strategy for local SEO focuses on your business’s service area and industry. We boost your local search visibility with the help of targeted outreach, relevant link building and reputed industry citations. We build citations from authoritative portals like Yelp, Yellow pages etc. and identify hyperlocal resources where you need to be listed.

Get in-depth analytics and ranking reports to know where you stand when it comes to local search. We offer a dashboard with detailed reports and screenshots of your search position for a given keyword. Our link building and citation reports and website analytics help you analyze how our marketing efforts are benefiting your business.

The heart of a successful local SEO strategy is to be found in local search results and outrank your competitors.  Small and medium businesses with brick-and-mortar stores who depend on walk-in customers especially need to focus their energies on a powerful local SEO strategy to drive your search rankings up and draw customers in. We use a multipronged approach to ensure a strong, local search presence for your business.

What do our Local SEO Services include?

Everyone knows that local SEO can be a defining strategy for your business, yet it is a relatively new subject for most businesses. Not many know the key components of Local SEO or how do they go about optimizing it. This is why, at Shrushti we have created a winning combination of local SEO services that are both flexible and customizable as per your needs.

Keyword Research

Local Search

Search Engine optimization that is tailored for local searches and targeted towards your niche audience. Our local SEO team helps drive customers both online and to your store using intelligent on-page SEO and keyword optimization.

Content Strategy

Content building

Local SEO needs niche content optimized for search and crafted for user intent. Our team of talented copywriters understands local content that resonates with customers.

Schema Markup

Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a great tool to help your website stand apart from your SEO competitors. We will use schema effectively to enhance your business listing, enriches your local SEO and helps reviews appear prominently on SERP.


Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) optimization is one of the key pillars of local SEO. It helps your business show up on major Google services including local search and Google Maps. We can optimize your GMB profile and ensure that it improves both your ranking and visibility for local searches.

Social Media Optimization

Citations Management

Any business should accrue enough high-quality citations to outshine your competition in local search and your online presence. Our team actively monitors and manages your details online in all local listings, industry-specific directories and the wider web.

On-Site Optimization

Reputation Monitoring

We help you to put your best foot forward by managing the reviews and ratings across a range of sites. Our team helps you to collect reviews from your top customers and be transparent and candid online.

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How do Local SEO services help your business?

The logic is simple. If you want more local customers, you need local SEO services.

A majority of customers go online to look up local services. About 82% of smartphone users go to search engines to find local businesses. You have a captive audience in these customers. All you need to do is optimize your presence for Local Search and make sure you show up whenever a customer is searching in your business category.

When a majority of people go online to search for local services such as a dentist or a bakery, and most of them never look beyond the first page of the results, you need to show up in the first page. Local search engine optimization enables you to boost your page rankings and improve your online visibility.

For businesses that serve a local niche, targeting users within a different city, state or country doesn’t serve the purpose.  Localized SEO helps increase traffic from consumers in your service areas, resulting in a higher visit-to-sale rate.

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Using local SEO services you can create hyper personalized campaigns to serve extremely niche and localized groups of customers.

Gain a competitive advantage by capturing local SEO first as many of your competitors are still unaware or waiting to optimize locally.

Why choose our Local SEO services?

  • Industry-specific Local SEO services to operate successfully among competitors 
  • Optimized presence for multi-location businesses 
  • Unique and customized SEO campaigns for clients 
  • Comprehensive analytics and SEO reports for transparency
  • Proven processes for citation management, backlinks building and reputation management
  • Comprehensive keyword research to target your core audience
  • E2E local SEO from social media profiles, NAP listings, GMB setup, blogs
What is Technical SEO?​


Local SEO is also called local search marketing. It refers to the process of optimizing your business’ online presence to drive more business to your online and retail stores from relevant local searches. The searches are carried out on Google and other search engines. 


With the help of Local SEO, businesses can promote themselves easily to local customers who search for their services online.

Local results are those that appear for users who search for specific businesses or services near their location. For instance, if you search for Mexican restaurant from your smartphone, you will find local results. Search engines will try the best to show you nearby restaurants that you would like to visit. 


Local SEO works by helping a business’s online presence become more visible to customers within the geographical area. Search engines get information from various sources like online directories, local listings, news websites, blogs, forums and review sites. Websites rank well on local searches based on the following factors: proximity to the user, relevance of the service/business to the query and reviews/ratings of the business.

50 percent of people who conduct a local search on their phone go to a physical store within a day. 34 percent who search on a computer or a tablet also do the same. 18 percent of local mobile searches result in a sale within the next 24 hours. Almost half the searchers who use their mobile phones for local searches are looking for information such as a business address.


What these statistics show is that the customers’ journey doesn’t begin the moment they step inside your store. It begins much earlier when they start performing searches using their phones or devices. And the key to bagging these customers is to improve your online presence, visibility and searchability with the help of local SEO.

Local business schema is structured data markup code that you can add to your website to help search engines identify what type of business you are and what you offer. This is very useful to optimize your website for local SEO since it is a major ranking factor. There are many properties that companies can fill out for local business schema and we can help you optimize this content. 

The purpose of both conventional and local SEO is to improve your rankings in online search results so that more people can find, contact and shop from your business/service. 


However, traditional SEO focuses on enhancing your website’s visibility on a general(global) scale. Whereas local SEO helps you capture the local search by connecting you with searchers in your area. 


A number of SEO strategies used for local and general SEO remain the same, but local SEO solutions use some specialized measures to help your business find local customers.

How can you decide if your business should hire a local SEO company? Here are some quick and easy ways to identify if you need help with local SEO optimization:

  • If your business relies on local customers for sales and revenue
  • If you have a brick and mortar presence in specific service areas; neighborhood, towns and cities
  • If you are a franchisor or a franchisee
  • You need more traffic, leads and sales in specifically designated market areas
  • If you want to list your business in online directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Better, Business Bureau etc.
  • If you want your company to be found on maps and navigation apps

Every package is for a single geolocation. The package targets a location within a 5-mile radius. For locations that fall outside of this location, separate packages must be created to target.

Shrushti’s white label local SEO package is perfect for small marketing agencies working with smaller enterprises and businesses that want to focus their SEO efforts inside a local niche. For further details head over to our SEO service section.

Local SEO packages cost anywhere between $100 - $5000 per month. The cost will vary based on the services included, the number of locations, and other factors.

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