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GBP Audit Services

Initiating a Local SEO Campaign? Start with a Google Business Profile Audit

We’re your ultimate destination for delivering Relevance, Backlinks, and Prominence.

At Shrushti Digital Marketing, we’ve carved out a niche in local SEO, empowering businesses to stand tall in their local markets. Why settle for a generic digital presence when you can target the heart of your community and be the first choice for local customers?

  • Review of your listing on Google Business Profile 
  • Optimization of each field with pertinent data for enhanced search visibility.
  • Verification that the logo is accurately formatted and current.
  • Curate insightful Q&As related to your business for user benefit.

Are you looking to take the next step? Dive deep into your Google Business Profile and unlock unparalleled insights

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young woman with long hair in stylish suit working 2021 12 09 09 26 12 utc

Assess your client's Google Business Profile to identify growth opportunities.

  • Quickly evaluate Google Business Profile optimization techniques to enhance visibility and outperform competitors for your potential or client.
  • Rely on our proven audit checklist and clear, step-by-step instructions to eliminate guesswork.
  • Streamline your efforts by prioritizing high-impact tasks for swift victories!
  • Identify local ranking hurdles and present them to potential clients as avenues for improved local search visibility.
  • Uncover obstacles and offer them as chances to enhance local rankings to your prospects or clients.
  • Turn challenges into opportunities for local ranking improvement and share this insight with your audience.

Benefits Of Our GBP Audit Service


With 12 years of experience, Shrushti Digital has developed a thorough understanding of Google’s algorithms and ranking factors. This expertise allows us to identify and address potential issues affecting your business’s visibility.

Improved Local SEO:

Our audit service can help optimize your Google Business Profile for local search by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, resulting in higher local search rankings and increased visibility.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

By providing comprehensive information and regularly updating, we help businesses foster better customer engagement, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Actionable Insights:

Our detailed audit reports provide actionable insights and suggestions for improvement, helping you make informed decisions for your business’s online strategy.

Competitive Advantage:

Our audit services can provide a competitive advantage by increasing your online presence and making your business more visible and attractive to potential customers.

Experience the Benefits – Schedule Your GMB Audit for local SEO

Google My Business Audit Services Packages

Google Business Profile SEO Assessment:
Your Blueprint to Google My Business Enhancement.

GBP (Google Business Profit) Audit

$ 15
  • Claim & Basic Location Insights
  • Centroid and Address Insights
  • Business NAP Insights
  • GMB Description Insights
  • GMB Categories Insights
  • GMB Reviews Insights
  • GMB Post Insights
  • GMB Faq Section Insights
  • GMB Photo and video Insights
  • An Efficient 3-day turnaround time

At Shrushti Digital Marketing, we don't just offer services; we build lasting partnerships that foster mutual growth.Let's enhance your SEO performance with our GBP SEO Audit services today.

What can clients expect when they opt for our services?

Personalized Attention:

Every project we undertake is imbued with understanding your unique needs, challenges, and ambitions. We know every client has a distinct voice and vision; our goal is to amplify that uniqueness to the world.

Tailored Strategies:

At Shrushti Digital Marketing, we craft strategies that mirror your objectives and challenges. These strategies are fluid, dynamic, and curated with your target audience in mind.

Result-Oriented Approach:

We measure our success by the results we generate for you. From visibility to engagement, every metric matters. Our relentless pursuit of excellence means we rest when our goals transform into achieved milestones.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Our comprehensive reports don’t just throw numbers at you; they provide insightful narratives, clearly showing where you stand and where you’re headed.

3X your GMB Audit

Why settle for just six months of GBP Insights data when you can access a robust 18-month dataset? Gain a deeper understanding of performance trends, enabling you to showcase your clients’ and stakeholders’ progress over an extended period and make more informed decisions.

How does Shrushti Digital Marketing Perform a GBP Audit For Local SEO?

  • We begin by performing an in-depth review of your current GBP. This includes checking the accuracy of information, analyzing reviews, and evaluating your business’s overall online presence.
  • We then conduct market research to understand current trends and competitor strategies. This helps us identify any missing opportunities we could leverage for your business.

  • Based on our analysis, we provide comprehensive recommendations on how to optimize your GBP. These could range from updating business information, improving response to reviews, to suggesting new photos or posts for your profile.
  • Once you approve our proposed plan, we will move to the implementation phase. We make the necessary changes to your GBP, ensuring every action is aligned with Google’s best practices.

  • After the changes are made, we conduct a post-implementation review to measure the impact of our actions. We compare the data pre and post-implementation to ensure our efforts have significantly improved.

  • Finally, we offer ongoing GBP management services to ensure your business profile stays optimized and updated, yielding maximum benefits for your business.

Why choose us for GBP Audit Services?

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In the realm of digital marketing, local SEO is our forte. At Shrushti Digital Marketing, we’ve intricately woven our experience with expertise to understand the nuances of local search behaviors. When local customers search, we ensure your Google Business Profile doesn’t just appear but shines brightly, drawing them in.

Surface-level checks? That’s not our style. Our GBP audits are deep and exhaustive. We meticulously examine every element, from reviews to photos and business information to user engagements. Our aim? To pinpoint gaps, spot inconsistencies, and highlight opportunities that bring your business to the forefront.

Our strength lies in our team—a blend of seasoned professionals and young visionaries. Constantly updated with the latest Google guidelines and industry shifts, our experts ensure that your GBP doesn’t just comply but excels, setting you apart from competitors.

Our GBP audit, while specialized, has a ripple effect. Insights derived from the audit often illuminate other facets of your digital presence. Thus, the strategies we suggest fortify your Google Business Profile and enhance your overarching digital blueprint.

Every client, every project, big or small, is treated with an unwavering commitment to excellence. From the commencement of the audit to the post-audit support, every step is infused with a passion for seeing your business ascend to unparalleled heights.

Our relationship isn’t transactional—it’s transformational. Beyond the audit, our doors and lines remain open. Whether it’s a query, a concern, or a desire for further optimization, our team is ever-ready to assist, emphasizing our ethos of long-term partnerships.

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Ready to witness a seismic shift in your local digital presence? chat with our seasoned professionals. Enhance your visibility, captivate your local audience, and achieve unparalleled results with Shrushti Digital – your paramount choice for Google Business Profile Audit services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A GBP (Google Business Profile) Audit is a comprehensive review of a business’s presence on Google’s local search platform. It evaluates the accuracy, consistency, and optimization of your profile to ensure maximum visibility and engagement with local customers on Google Search and Maps.

Local businesses thrive on visibility. The Google Business Profile Audit Service ensures you’re easily discoverable and stands out in the dominant online directory, GBP. If you haven’t leveraged it yet, or even if you have, regular audits optimize your presence, keeping you prominently on the local digital map.

The timeframe can vary based on competitive dynamics and the existing state of your Google My Business listing. However, with our expertise from auditing over 100+ GMB listings and our deep insights into GMB nuances, you can anticipate swift and effective outcomes from our agency.

Yes, for businesses looking to be listed on Google My Business, a local office, storefront, or physical address is essential. Google employs an address verification method where a PIN is mailed to confirm your business’s location. Thus, having a tangible address is crucial for a GBP listing

Optimized Google Business Profiles often secure top spots in local Google searches. Our audit aims to position your business in the Map Pack, leading to more clicks, calls, and consequently, growth.

The GBP Audit is geared towards enhancing online visibility. It offers a detailed roadmap for SEO professionals and digital marketing agencies relying on data-backed strategies. By evaluating Google Business Profile listings, agencies can gain insights into their performance, ultimately driving more business.

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