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White label SEO audit Services: Get a complete audit & action plan

Providing your clients with SEO audits that are full of value and insights

Improve websites by making it easier to explain how they can be improved. You will receive a neat report from the SEO Audit tool that forms the basis for your SEO service strategy.

An SEO Website Audit Will Show You:

  • We measure KPIs and give you a score of the website
  • Improve technical SEO and difficulties
  • On page and off page SEO improvements
  • Optimising the performance of your website
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Why Your Website Needed an SEO Audit Yesterday!

White label SEO partnerships can answer many of your marketing questions, from backlinks to technical SEO to content creation, and allow smaller businesses to continue serving their client bases. 

In order to rank your webpage, search engines look at over 200 ranking factors. It could be due to a variety of factors, from your own site speed to your meta descriptions and backlinks, that you are not ranking for certain keywords. Search engine optimization audits can help you calculate what on-page and off-page factors are influencing your search engine rankings. We can help you improve your content marketing and SEO strategies by discussing your results. 

Add SEO services to your existing staff without hiring additional staff.

Keep competitors at bay! Be the first to offer the whole spectrum of SEO services. 

In addition to top notch services, provide clients with detailed reporting and insights all with your brand name. 

Consider meeting the needs of your clients without sacrificing your own bottom line. 

At scale, we offer white-label SEO services, deliverables, and reporting.

We’ll help you keep your clients by increasing their ranking.

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Our auditing services

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On-site SEO auditing (Technical SEO recommendations)

Our services are not limited to any size of websites. Keep your website disease free with regular checkup and maintenance, to deliver high level sales. Lay hold of general SEO and technical SEO.

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GA/GSC/GTM access & verification

Once Shrushti has access to your website’s GA, we verify and make changes in accordance to what is needed for growth.

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UX/UI recommendations

We provide solutions to existing and future problems that might occur on your website in accordance with the user interface and user experience.

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Online reputation audit

Perpetual favourable brand reputation is crucial for any marketing strategy. Our team will build your online reputation while mixing up SEO elements into it.

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Google my business recommendations

Our team of experts check your website thoroughly and make recommendations based on what seems to be missing for local SEO.

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PageSpeed insights

The speed of your website is one of the most important factors. It is important to keep leads engaged on your page by having a fast-loading website.

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Link building audit & disavow file submission

Our SEO experts conduct a comprehensive audit of your backlink profile and eliminate the red flags holding you back. The link auditors and cleanup crew at Shrushti Digital can help you clean up your backlink profile as well as reverse a Google penalty.

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Blog content calendar

Do you find it difficult to write blog posts for your company? No idea what kind of content you can use to support the conversion of people at different stages of their buying journey? Well Shrushti Digital has got you covered!

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Web page content upgrades

Creating new content is important, but older content can still be useful for your content marketing strategy. Shrushti makes sure your website content is regularly updated to keep it providing visitors with valuable information and to make sure that it remains high on Google’s search engine results pages (or even better).

Our process and how we deliver results

Step one

In order to determine how best to assist you, we’ll first conduct a consultation to learn how your site performed  previously on  search engines, what problems were encountered, and what your business goals were.

Step two

We will perform the audit once we have access to Google Analytics and Search Console.

Step three

Discussions and support will be provided as needed for the implementation of our suggestions.

Case Study

Content Strategy
The Problem
E-Commerce Consultation
The 3-Point Shrushti Digital Solution
On-Site Optimization
The Results

Our client provided an affordable purchasing process compared to competitors, but entered into an overcrowded marketplace occupied by long-established websites.

Hence, we were tasked to create a brand new website so that our client could compete more effectively on this market. To generate traffic and sales, the nascent but growing brand needed to target several keyword niches to compete against heavyweights in its field, while steering clear of heavyweights dominated by the competition. 

In addition to dominating the US market, the client wanted to dominate specific markets in India as well, so an effective SEO approach that combined link building with geo-targeting and content strategy was required.

1. Structured data, on-page optimization, and technical SEO

Having a small backlink profile can make it challenging to build link equity on certain pages upon launching a large site (over 100K pages). With this approach, Shrushti used a header to route PageRank wisely to the landing pages that were really going to rank high on Google. Additionally, we introduced robots-noindex, nofollow tags across thousands of product pages we believed wouldn't be crawled well by Google and would consume link equity. 

With a domain's underdeveloped backlink profile, concentrating their PageRank on a narrower range of pages resulted in an immediate improvement in rankings. The addition of structured data markup also enables local search engines to display auction information such as events and locations, which improved organic click-through rates (CTR) as measured in Google Search Console.

2. Site Migration: Site Architecture, Servers, and DevOps

When the site was migrated to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Shrushti worked with the client's team. It was possible to host the site on production-grade infrastructure that would be able to scale up as traffic increased. 

To ensure that all URLs on the old site would correctly resolve to the new URL paths, we created a comprehensive URL redirect map. As a result, the old pages on the site were no longer 404-ing and would no longer be ejected from search results following the migration. Following the migration, the site's search ranking increased by 15%.

Furthermore, if the migration wasn't properly monitored, it was possible that the client lost existing keyword rankings and visibility. As well, the search engines might have difficulty crawling and indexing new redirects and url maps correctly. The site migration was complicated, so Shrushti prioritized comprehensive advice along with a comprehensive link-building and optimization strategy.

3. Growing Site Authority and Link Building

Using Shrushti's comprehensive audit, we identified and removed toxic and spammy links from the client's backlink profile. Shrushti set up a monthly update of their disavow file in Google Webmasters Tools. 

Afterwards, Shrushti carried out an extensive outreach campaign to improve the quality of autoauctionmall.com's backlink profile, focusing on niche publications with high authority. 

Shrushti managed to gain over 300 relevant backlinks to the client's site from editorial content on these publications in the first 12 months of their campaign, substantially increasing the domain authority of the client's site.

The client's site earned nearly triple the organic traffic increase from Shrushti's data-driven, strategic SEO strategy, making the traffic earned from search engines the most valuable source of revenue for the brand. 

Our partnership has brought the brand a long way, and we're looking forward to helping it achieve long-term, sustainable growth in the future.

  • 145% increase in organic traffic 
  • 14.5k Keywords on the first page of Google
  • 12k Keywords Ranking on Google (400% increase)
  • 50% increase in organic traffic value
  • 150% increase in conversion rate
  • 3x monthly transaction growth

Our clients

They believe in us

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You need to provide us with a list of pages you want audited. We will then create an SEO report on those pages. The final report is sent out within 10 days. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Our SEO Audits price range begins with 500$ and it will be customized as per the site architecture, number of pages on the website and number of hours required.

No Link building is another service altogether. It is not included into an auditing package.

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Why use Shrushti Digital’s SEO audit services?

Before starting any link building or SEO campaign, performing a comprehensive SEO audit is a good idea. Using our free tools will offer you detailed insight into whether off-site or on-page SEO is needed, but getting a full in-depth SEO audit is the best way to get started on your journey toward making your site appear higher in search results and increasing traffic.

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