The Most Loved Compliment You Ever Get


Nope its not e-marketing related post, I think it comes in personal motivation category. Let’s dive (Its bit difficult)

Man’s work or progress needs food in terms of appreciation, compliments.

As a result of good work or progress in any field (business, family or social) we are inspiring a people or group of people for do the work as we did.

I think we need to work ( ofcourse positive work)  in many aspects to become a little source of inspiration for someone else.

I found a little guy “chotu” (a neighbors child of my partner ajaybhai) who is inspired by the same source.

Please check the given below scanned piece of paper of what he wrote about ajaybhai :

The English translation of above piece :

“I have a dream to become a computer engineer, there is a lot of money in this field. If we can work hard and dedicatedly then we do work from home and earn money. We will establish the business with foreign companies too. We can do too many different things in this field like designing, animation and business etc. I want to do business in this fields. My idol is my neighbor. I want to a business with foreign companies as him. And with work i want to do some sports & play activities. I want to do a trekking as i love it. I want to take care my family too.”

I love the way he wrote the things about his future plan and motivational factor. As he is not aware of the actual business circumstances. He is knowing that his neighbor is previously working from home and having a business relation with foreign companies. He is no doubt reflect the influence of neighbors lifestyle, influence of IT sector in Indian Social Life and new style of thinking of younger generation. He expects  free environment and with it he want with responsibilities., too.

I must appreciate the values given by ajaybahi to him and us. I think there is no other way to thanks then express your feelings towards the persons whom you admire.

Thanks and bye for now.

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