WordPress and SEO Techniques For Your Blog

WordPress and SEO Techniques

WordPress is the most important and popular blog platform today, embraced by numerous individuals, CEOs, marketing managers and anyone who has a message to communicate online. There are more than 50 million blogs out there, therefore, if you are planning to stand out, you have no choice but to keep the phrase WordPress and SEO in mind. WordPress is an amazing platform, very well appointed, offering a lot of amazing SEO power already built in. not everything comes by default, though, and you need to follow particular tips and hints in order to make a difference.

Most bloggers tend to forget that WordPress and SEO go together, and do not implement some of them, condemning their blog posts to invisibility, no matter how good they might be. Optimization for search engines depends on many different factors and can be implemented in many different ways. Here is what you should keep in mind if you want to implement a good SEO strategy for your blog.

Permalink Optimization

The most important thing you can do regarding WordPress and SEO techniques is to use the right keywords in the title. No matter how nicely written is your blog post, if no one can find it, it doesn’t really make any sense. The right keywords can make your URL visible and more attractive.


Tags are very important for SEO, but only if they are useful and well picked. You do not need useless and unnecessary tags; there is no point in adding tags that have nothing to do with your permalink or description. On the contrary, they lessen the emphasis given on the title keywords.

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Headings and Subheadings

WordPress allows you to use Headings and Subheadings. Use them. They are defined by html code, with H1 for the main heading to H6 for the smaller one. If you are writing a long post with several topics elaborated in it, it’s a good idea to use sub headings, because this way you allow the search engines to search for keywords in the blog, and not only in the title. This way you increase the comprehensiveness of your blog in keywords and implement one of the most important WordPress and SEO techniques.


keeping the WordPress design clean, clear, and simple is crucial. The body text should be written using clear heading and lines. Most bookmarking sites are against blogs, because of possible spamming, therefore keeping your blog well appointed and clear, can help your blog look more like a site, liked and appreciated everywhere. The design should also be clean because of crawlers; if Google, for example, sends a crawler to scan your blog and everything is too messy, with flashy and attacking designs and weird codes, chances are you will be ignored. Moreover, a clear design and text allows the visitor to see your text directly, without wondering where to click;

WordPress and SEO techniques already built in the platform and these tips here can help you create a likeable site and interesting texts, with SEO interest as well, allowing your blog to be among the first results in Search engine queries.

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