Why Does Google Hate Me

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Why Does Google Hate Me

Everybody knows that Google keeps changing its algorithms. When it does, some SEO techniques which were once considered the best are now called spam and intentionally misleading. This makes web developers and SEO marketers change their tactics quickly, sometimes they need to change the entire SEO plan within a few days to keep a website from falling off of Google’s search results.

There are few things that Google hates.

Incorrect or missing keyword analysis

Adding well-researched keywords to a webpage used to be the essential element of SEO, but that’s no longer true. Nowadays, Google has made the phrase “content is king” more significant than ever. They actually penalize websites that make use of keyword stuffing and promote those that have helpful, organic content written for users rather than search engines.

If your content is inappropriate or has too many repetitions of keywords, even if it is not intentional, you should revise and change it immediately. Unfortunately, you might find that natural content but that content would not get you the results you want. Most SEO experts have found that creating natural content that includes some optimized keywords is the key.

Limiting yourself

Limiting your phrases and keywords is certainly one way of falling off from Google’s search.

While it may not make the search engine actually hate you like keyword stuffing will, it is not any way going to help you. You may unintentionally limit how Google keeps an eye on your website. This will result in your website appearing in some search results.

Restricting your keyword phrases to only a few may also make your content repetitive, and that can lead to being penalized if Google thinks that you are keyword stuffing.

Through those same lines, once you’ve chosen your keyword phrases, remember that you’re not locked into using those phrases. Bakers in Mumbai” may be a strong keyword for a baking website, but variations like “Mumbai bakers” or “cakes in Mumbai” are both good ways of rephrasing that keyword to help build relevancy. In short, your text must sound natural and be informative. Limiting yourself into using the repetitive keywords throughout will not achieve either of those goals.

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Bad external link profile

As we understand that keyword analysis and text writing are the same thing. But these aspects should be responsible for 50% of success. The second point that will make google stop hating you is linking from external sites, to which it assigns 40% of importance.

To improve the opportunities, links to the other websites should be sent to your site. Google discovers whether a given content is worth attention and displays it to other users. At last, since many other pages indicate this particular, it means that the content there is valuable.

The problem with linking is that we don’t have 100% control over it. Creating a content, we can only hope that someone will be interested and decide to share the link to him. Of course, it is worth acting in Social Media providing links to your content, but it is also important for someone to see it, get interested and put it on your website.

Hence keeping these things in mind, you might stop google from hating you.

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