What is Google Trends and how to use it?

What is Google Trends



Google Trends is a tool that provides insights into the popularity and search volume of specific keywords over time.

It is a useful feature of Google’s search engine that displays the frequency with which a particular search term appears in the site’s search engine over a given period of time.

You can use Google Trends to compare keywords and find spikes in keyword searches caused by events.

Search volume indexes, as well as geographic user profiles, are provided by Google Trends.

Google Trends: A Quick Guide

Google Trends: what does it do?

By visiting Google Trends, you can see what searches are trending and further explore each topic by researching it further.

Recently, Google Trends published various search trends associated with Hurricane Irma, such as the top “how to” search queries in Florida and a list of relevant search terms across the U.S.

To see how the search volume for a particular term has varied over time and in different locations, enter a search term into the search box at the top.

Choose your location, timeframe, category, and search type to get more granular information.

Marketers can find a lot of value in Google search trends data.

It makes sense to ramp up your marketing efforts during times when search terms relevant to your business are trending if you run a seasonal business (like a home and gardening supply store).

Your Google Ads cost per click is likely to spike during spikes in search volume, so let your campaign budgets know when your services or products are trending.

Google Trends can be used to boost your marketing efforts in several ways:

  • Paid search campaigns can benefit from Google Trends data, which can inform cost planning and stocking. In addition, Google Trends can be used to find trending relevant or irrelevant terms you should use as negative keywords so you are not adversely affected by trending searches.
  • Google Trends can help you learn what your target market searches for information about with regard to SEO and content marketing. Organizing your content around trending topics is an excellent way to increase traffic.
  • See what topics are currently capturing public attention on Google Trends to inspire your ad creativity. Referencing a trending topic (such as an upbeat dance or music) in your marketing campaigns could help increase their engagement, whether you’re using a radio spot, email blast, or Facebook ad.
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