What are “do follow” links and why should I care about them?​

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What are “do follow” links and why should I care about them

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The search engine bots use links to determine the relationship between web pages. Nofollow links are passed over by dofollow links when they move between websites. Nevertheless, nofollow links offer some benefit too. A healthy backlink profile for your website begins with an understanding of how other websites link to you.

What are the reasons you should care? You should be aware of this: A greater number of high-quality backlinks directing people to your site will increase traffic — both from individuals clicking the links, and search engine traffic. A website’s backlinks can number in the millions for some of its most popular pages.

How do nofollow links work?

Normally, this feature is indicated by a rel=”nofollow” tag within the HTML code. The link attribute instructs Google that authority should not be passed up the link chain from the destination page. In other words, nofollow links are not very valuable for Search Engine Optimization.

By allowing webmasters to devalue specific links, Google, Yahoo, and MSN introduced the nofollow attribute in 2005 in an attempt to combat comment spam.

Nofollow Tag

Dofollow vs. Nofollow

Nofollow links differ only in the absence of the rel=”nofollow” attribute from standard “dofollow” links.


What Is a Dofollow Link?

There is no such thing as a dofollow link. Simply put, a link is dofollow by default. Said another way, every link that does not include a nofollow attribute is a do-follow link.

An external link (aka dofollow) linking to your website will directly impact your search engine results.

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What impact does a dofollow link have on site ranking?

Dofollow links are crawled by search engine bots to see who is linking to who on the web. The exchange of link juice between sites gives each site a certain level of authority.

For instance, suppose that a highly reputable site links to you. This boosts your PageRank since search engines consider your site more authoritative. Search engine results can be enhanced as a result. 

How do you make a link dofollow?

You will usually be able to create a new link to the site, for instance in a new blog post, which by default will be a dofollow.

Did you encounter any links that are nofollow that you would like to be dofollow? When the link is on someone else’s site, you cannot change it to dofollow. Prior to reaching out to website owners to ask if the link can be followed (remove the nofollow tag from the link), you should understand what types of links are typically nofollow links.

It’s important to remember that there are situations like this that happen often, I mean nofollow links — which isn’t always a bad thing.

Dofollow links: Benefits

Getting quality backlinks is essential for improving Google page rank. Newbies may wonder how nofollow links can influence their Google ranking. They don’t pass link juice so they don’t pass link juice. Therefore, to achieve Good page rank you should create a dofollow backlink.

  • Page rank is improved.
  • Google sees your blog as more authoritative.
  • Content with multiple keywords ranks higher.
  • Advertisers are attracted to higher page ranks.

The same webpage has two or more dofollow links

Google bot will take into consideration the first link and ignore others if there are multiple links pointing to the same webpage. So if on one page there is a nofollow link and on another page there is a dofollow link, the bot will consider the nofollow link and ignore the dofollow link. In such a case, no link juice will pass from the dofollow link. Internal links are subject to the same rules.

Using dofollow internal links to improve website ranking

We must use “dofollow” links for internal page links according to Matt Cutts, head of the Google webspam team, as it allows the page rank to flow to other pages and improves our overall ranking. Although varying anchor text is important to interlink after Panda and Penguin updates. When linking to your very specific post, you should not use the same anchor text.

What are dofollow backlinks and how do you build them?

Reading the points above, the thought of building dofollow links has probably entered your mind. Dofollow links can be obtained by a number of methods. Commenting on luv-enabled blogs is one way to do that. Such blogs provide free links that do follow. Most of these blogs still contain nofollow links, which do nothing for your search engine optimization. 

It is still possible to determine whether a backlink is dofollow or nofollow by using the dofollow or nofollow indicator. You should make sure your website receives a dofollow backlink from a high PR site because it passes increased link authority in comparison with a low PR site.

High Quality Dofollow Backlinks: How to Create More of Them

In order to rank well, you need a variety of links, with Google only taking into consideration the first one that leads to your website.

Links make a page more visible in search engine results, so the more you link to, the higher your page ranks.

1. Profile Creation / Linking

Link factories or sites for creating profiles are basically profile creation sites. Create a profile on the site, add your website’s link, and you’re in business.

Google will now see that your website is linked to legitimate profile pages, which will boost your ranking in search results.

Is it beneficial for your SEO to create a profile and link to it?

Certainly. As well as no. Your site will help you gain an advantage if it is itself of high quality and authoritative.

My recommendation is to use Gravatar. If someone mentions you or your site online, Gravatar will appear as your avatar.

You can immediately create a dofollow link to your website by creating a profile, adding your website link, and creating a profile.

2. Content Posting

Blog writers describe it as “writing and publishing content with the intention that it will draw traffic to your website and help move people forward toward acquiring new business.”

We recommend that you create plenty of relevant content for your blog (a blog is essential for your webpage) that you can share on your social media pages.

By creating content that gets shared as a result of being interesting, humorous, or educational, people will share as many links as possible, and Google will treat them as if they were hundreds of positive reviews.

The process of posting content is relatively straightforward, you can do it yourself, or you can employ a professional.

For starters, you should check out freelancer.com and LinkedIn, you’ll be able to find a lot of high-quality writers for very little money.

3. Using Social Media

Link building on YouTube (links from external sites directing traffic to your site) is one of the most effective methods of building inbound links for your website.

Bloggers and websites should reach out to similar sites in their niche, just like YouTubers collaborate with one another to boost subscriber counts.

In this case, everyone wins. The two of you will reciprocate by posting links to one another. Guest posts are also welcome, or you may simply link to their website as a quick recommendation.

As far as Google – and therefore you – are concerned, this will look completely organic and natural.

I have found that, on average, 85% of SEO professionals use social networks to drive traffic to their websites and gain backlinks. 

Your site can get more links pointing to it by sharing continents in exchange for sharing your content!

4. Business Listing

The process of optimizing your website for local searches means increasing your ranking and visibility in local search results. Local SEO entails optimizing your website to improve your visibility.

When you use local SEO, you can reach the customers in the area, so that you can offer a service or sell a product. In addition to improving your local sales, it helps you improve your local presence.

Your business can improve its local SEO by implementing these key tactics:

Establish a Google My Business account for your business: Google My Business is a way for your business to manage its local presence.

You will be listed on Google Maps, so everyone can find you there. Your business address, contact numbers, and web address will be listed on Google Maps. Your business will be well exposed in this way.

An important component of SEO strategies is reviewing your user’s behavior, which establishes legitimacy for your company with the public. The visibility of your business will increase if you receive positive reviews from users.

By targeting your customers geographically, you can improve your local SEO services.

You should also target the city, state, and country according to your business area.

Page for Locations: Include this page on your site, which includes all the details about your products in your local area. The location pages include information about the local service providers.

The contact information on your website should include your name, address, and phone number.

Business listings can be used to build Dofollow backlinks

By submitting a local listing for your business, you can improve your local SEO.

Building links that are of high quality allows a company to reach local consumers and be more visible.

In the past, we used to utilize telephone books ten years ago, don’t you remember? Am I right?

Yellow pages listings are typically reliable because you know the company is legitimate, trustworthy. You were half way sold on using them if they were listed among the “50 best car companies to buy from”.

Essentially, there are many business directories on the internet, and the more of them you are listed in, the more backlinks you receive, and ultimately, the more authoritative your site is to Google.

Your website will rank higher in Google if it is listed in relevant directories, which will lead to a higher ranking. It is important to remember that many business directory websites offer paid listings.

To finish up

There are two ways to identify links that Google uses in order to associate a website with yours – a dofollow link and a nofollow link. A nofollow link does not pass on link juice, whereas a dofollow link passes it along.

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