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SEO Reseller Services


SEO or search engine optimization services are often outsourced to agencies looking to grow their service range. What mostly happens though is agencies don’t have the resources to hire an expert or a whole team of SEO specialists.

Agencies that sell SEO services to other agencies are called white label agencies. They offer SEO services in addition to the collection of services they already offer. They offer regular services like keyword research, link building, on-page/off-page optimization, and PR and recommend to clients how to best improve their websites.

Selling SEO to an agency is best when you educate your client about the process of SEO and how things work, this way clients are ready to pay more when they understand the processes, how difficult it is, and how difficult it was to do right and obtain scalable results.

SEO resellers create customized packages based on the needs of the clients, additionally a set of actionable strategies. Hiring a white label SEO agency / reseller SEO program permits an agency to offer superior quality SEO services to clients without hiring new staff and not doing any SEO-related work yourself. In addition, the agency can increase profit margins for the company, sometimes profit margins are as high as 50%.

What is an SEO Reseller?

SEO resellers are agencies that offer SEO services from SEO white label agencies mostly to development, marketing and design agencies.

Benefits of SEO Reselling

SEO reselling has many benefits, a few being increased profit margins and overall company growth.

Saves Costs of Building a Team

When you resell a service it can be any service, even SEO saves you a lot of investment money. The traditional path of offering SEO services to a client requires a company to develop a new department, hire SEO, train them, pay them, and then begin marketing services.

Moreover, building a good team is not an easy task. It is important to hire experienced staff that know what they are doing. Now, obviously, you have to pay and manage the staff, which can take a toll on the agency payroll. Instead of investing the money in staff, you can use the money to upgrade your existing marketing services.

However, if an agency decides to become an SEO reseller, the agency doesn’t have to take into account building a team. All you have to do is concentrate on marketing it as your own company’s service, and you are good to go. Plus, is it always great to have high-profit margins without doing much of the work? Right? You save both time and money.

Offer New Services

Let’s envisage a scenario where a relatively new agency, whose clients are generally content with the services and quality of the work provided. Now the clients want the agency to offer more, SEO. So the agency decides to add SEO to its product portfolio.

Now the existing employees at the agency don’t know anything about SEO, and as a relatively new agency, the agency should focus on strengthening the agency position instead of hiring a new team and trying to train them. So what will the agency do? They will partner with an SEO reseller program.

The agency benefits without adding any costs to the company while adding a new service to its portfolio. Being an SEO requires a highly exclusive skill set and it involves a lot of training, without which it can be difficult to find reliable staff. The agency can offer a range of new services without the hassle.

Additional Revenue from Existing Clients

This is straight-up the best benefit of reselling SEO services. Once SEO is added to a marketing agency’s portfolio the agency can upsell it to their existing clients. Cloudways mentions in its article, “It’s a great way to generate more revenue without having to incur any new costs.”

It is always a better idea monetarily to retain and maintain existing consumers than acquire new consumers. If an agency can pitch a new service to existing clients and sell, it is a great way to generate perpetual revenue.

Quality of Service

Maintaining goodwill while growing a new team, especially when you have no experience of the task at hand or how to manage the team, can be a bad idea. Consequently, an up-and-coming agency can’t afford to lose any goodwill they have built in the little time they have been working.

To avoid any such trouble, stick with professionals who have been in the market for years, have developed processes, and have immense knowledge in the field. This helps in maintaining the standard of service our company has been offering all the while they have been up and running. Don’t forget the additional profits the company incurs.

The Most Popular SEO Reseller Services

Link Building

Link building is considered the principal product of a quality SEO. For search engine optimization, an SEO analysis takes action to build links to increase the number of inbound links to a website, as well as try to improve the quality of links. This leads to a better search engine ranking and drives more website traffic.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is writing articles or blog content for another website and getting it published there while receiving a backlink to your website. This service helps build relationships and encourages link exchange between websites. It is a brilliant way to connect to an existing audience and improve your ranking by receiving quality backlinks to your website. Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to generate B2B strategies for online growth.

Content Development

Content on websites should be optimized for search engines, otherwise the website will never rank well on search engines. The quality of content is important as well as the length. That doesn’t mean that you can post any lengthy content and expect to rank for that page, it still has to be properly optimized. SEO resellers create SEO-optimized content for your website.

Keyword Optimization

If you are lost in the sea of keywords and can’t find even one that works best for you, it is time to hire an SEO to do the job. As a reseller agency, you can offer keyword research services to clients at a significant price rise. But it is not an easy task either. The correct keywords can boost a website’s rankings significantly on search engines.

Website Analysis

Website analysis tests your websites, which they must pass to maintain a certain level of quality to even qualify for appearing on search engines. Website analysis is usually the first step towards a fully optimized website. It shows where a website is behind and what improvements can be made to fix the issues. With an SEO reseller program, any agency can offer a web analysis.

Detailed Reports

When you are an SEO newbie or know nothing about SEO, creating timely reports for your clients can be overwhelming. A detailed report contains not only the website analysis but also the latest changes in the algorithm and how they might or might not affect your client’s website. It also includes the latest trends, such as considering new keywords that the competition is using and identifying opportunities for the company to shift its focus to better-targeted keywords.

In terms of the things you offer in your adverts, it’s critical to consider your Cost Per Click. You won’t make much money if your typical sale is $30 and your CPC is $10. A lower CPC, such as $2, results in a higher return on investment.

Things to Know if you want to Resell SEO services

If you have a plan to resell SEO services, you have to have knowledge about the basics of SEO. These tips are common knowledge among expert SEO.

Here’s everything you need to know before you start reselling.

  • The objective of a search engine is to provide the best results for a search query. Its undertaking is to understand a user’s search intent.
  • Websites don’t necessarily show up for particular keywords or search queries. But this doesn’t mean that the SEO has not done its job well. There are plenty of reasons why a website doesn’t rank for a certain keyword. Location, user intent, and also customization. Google customizes search results for a more personalized experience.
  • The difference between a good and a great SEO is that a good SEO will drive organic traffic to a website, while a great SEO will fully understand the nature of a business and will generate more leads or sales.
  • Now let’s see the difference between paid search, organic search and Maps.

paid results

local map results

organic results

It can be seen that a search result has different sections, and you need to apply different marketing strategies for each of them to appear in the different sections.

  • SEO isn’t an overnight job, it’s a strategy that takes time to build and also time to apply and execute. You have to consistently put in SEO efforts to see results. Having said that, you as a reseller have to make sure that the client understands that some very competitive niches can take years to appear or get high organic visibility.
  • Content is king. The marketing agencies hold great sway when it comes to content, as Bill Gates has said. It is important for clients’ websites to have original content posted regularly.

Before Google came around in the year 2000, SEO was all about finding a few words and optimizing every page in accordance with those keywords. When Google entered the market, it changed the narrative, and SEO was not just about on-page optimization but much more than that.

Google now puts websites with the most backlinks on the top, this began buying and selling of links, which became a problem for Google.

To stop this manipulation, Google created a very sophisticated algorithm that penalized websites when they tried to manipulate links. Algorithm changes can bring down site ranking overnight. And it can take weeks, even months to gain back the ranking.

Google provides a set of guidelines called the Google Webmaster Guidelines for all websites to follow.

Google will penalize a website when it uses non-compliant SEO techniques, which is when a website is reviewed manually (or by a human being).

A big change in organic search traffic generally happens twice a year. Either an algorithm will determine it or a penalty will apply (by hand).

Webmaster Guidelines-compliant sites are rewarded by Google’s algorithms. It won’t matter how well you rank if you use SEO tactics that violate those guidelines (such as hiding text, utilizing copied content from other websites or web pages, over-optimizing your site, or creating unnatural links). Google’s engineers developed complex algorithms to determine all of this. Depending on how quickly the issue is changed or fixed, it can take days, weeks, or even months for the site to recover.

  • For the purposes of making updates and optimizing the website, SEO will need to have access to GSC, G Analytics, and the website itself. The log file access for you is optional, but could be very helpful for your SEO.
  • In order for SEO to be successful, it is important for clients to provide each SEO with every piece of information they know about their website, any past SEO work, and any other marketing for their business and potential customers.
  • Having consistent NAP data is important for local businesses. Wherever it appears on the web, the company name (including spelling) should be consistent, as should the phone number and address.
  • These days, 50% of searches are done by a mobile device, it is imperative to have a mobile-friendly SEO-optimized website.
  • Similarly, people have an attention span or patience of fewer than 3 seconds while browsing the internet, make sure your website loads superfast. Don’t forget, that this does improve rankings.
  • Make content a priority. Having poor content on your website prevents search engines from understanding your business and ranking your website.
  • Everything these days is social media-driven, it is mandatory to have social media and take full leverage of it, as most of your competition is already doing it.
  • In order to rank well in search engine results, your site should have a blog. It is possible to start social media conversations by adding relevant blog posts. Social media is a popular way for people to share blog posts, and it helps you reach new customers. Search engine results often list blogs well immediately, sometimes within minutes.
  • It takes a long-term approach, not just the occasional “touch up” or “optimizing” and you’re done. It’s something that should be worked on every day, every week, every month (more often if you’re in a competitive market).

The following issues are important for you to address. In sales calls, I have seen these questions raised numerous times while selling SEO services.

What to Say or Not to Say to your Client

As a reseller, it can get a little confusing while communicating to your clients, especially when you don’t have much knowledge about SEO.

What a Client Should Hear from You

  • A website cannot rank well by SEO Hocus Pocus,
  • Many a time, web developers create websites that don’t adhere to SEO best practices. It is an SEO duty to know these issues and fix them if any at all, are present in a given website.
  • SEO is a process; it takes time, and it is not an instant fix to website issues. Some fixes do show immediate results, but usually, it takes months to see any solid improvements.
  • An SEO audit is an excellent way to show clients the value of SEO. Once it is established how valuable SEO is, a lasting relationship can be built.
  • Clear and honest communication is an essential tool of SEO. Always keep your clients in the loop of what you are doing on a monthly/daily basis. Answer any and all questions your clients have.
  • Similarly, ask your client to clearly state when and if they make changes to the website that might affect SEO in any way possible.

Things Your Client Should Not Hear From You

  • We have said it earlier, and we will say it again, don’t tell clients that SEO is an instant one-time fix. IT IS NOT.
  • Never offer free audits or reviews of their websites. A quick review will only show them that SEO is an instant fix which it isn’t. A proper audit takes hours, if not days to point out technical issues on a website. Nobody should be working for free, at max a review of 4-5 points is what you can offer your client for free.
  • Never promise rankings for any particular keywords; no promises = no problems. If an agency is promising you rankings for keywords, they are probably a bogus agency. It is pretty challenging to rank for specific keywords as no one has any control over search engine results. Go for PPC if they want #1 ranking.
  • As a reseller, you might not always know the answers to technical SEO questions. Don’t blurt out wrong answers only to give an answer. SEO is a challenging field; tell your client you will get back with the answers.

To sum it up

SEO reselling is a beneficial business setup. Always be sure to communicate clearly and not make promises that you can’t keep because we don’t control Google’s algorithm. Keep in mind that SEO is always an ongoing process and never a one-time fix.

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