Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services – Tutorial

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services – Tutorial

Search Engine Marketing is one of the major concern for each industry with online entity and want to establish themselves amongst industry giants.

What is Pay per Click (PPC)?

Pay per Click (PPC) (often known as Cost per Click) is an online marketing model accustomed to drive traffic to websites through advertising, where advertisers pay the publisher (where ad copy is published) in the event an ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers usually bid on keyword phrases pertinent to their potential customers.

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Why Pay per Click (PPC)?

Considering the search engine algorithm, it isn’t easy task to secure better rankings quick and for longer duration as the versatile content only can do wonder with the help of social media, hence Pay per Click advert enhances your website for targeted pages with assigned keywords on top of the search engine results that increases its visibility and the chances of generating traffic of potential customers that sum up with surge in sales as a result.

How PPC Can Help Your Industry?

  • New Website Launch
  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Seasonal or Event based Value
  • High Margins, Great ROI
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Significantly increase ROI when PPC & SEO working together


  • 50% – For associated search results in the top rank, the study shows the 50% of the ad clicks are incremental.
  • 82% – For associated search results in rankings 2-4, 82% of the ad clicks are incremental.
  • 96% – For associated search results with rankings 5 and higher, 96% of the ad clicks are incremental.

How Does Google AdWords Work for PPC?

    Katie searches for “PPC Management Service in India
    The Google AdWords system finds all adverts whose keywords match that phrase “PPC Management Service in India” closely enough.
    From that set of matching adverts, the system ignores any that aren’t eligible, such as ads that target a different country or region will be disapproved.
    The ads are shown, organized on the page based on a combination of bid amount and quality (this formula known as Ad Rank).
    Katie sees a website “” for PPC Management Service in India she likes and communicates with them !

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