Outsource SEO Services Vs. In-House SEO Expert: Insight Into Its Pros And Cons​

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A forecast by Borrell Associates states that by 2020, the companies would have spent almost $80 billion on Search Engine Optimization. This amount is larger than what a company would spend on ads or news. Every day we see companies running in the rat race to chase the organic traffic and use marketing tactics to appear on the first pages of Google Search Rankings. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not just another online marketing service but also the backbone of today’s organizations. However, a few businesses remain in a dilemma about hiring an in-house SEO expert or outsource SEO services. It is essential for developing a robust SEO plan. Here, companies need to decide whether they want to focus on SEO full-time or require other services along with SEO. Now, the question stands what is best for your company? What budget does it involve? Shall I hire an in-house expert or completely opt for an SEO outsource company?

Is it the Time to Outsource SEO Services?

As an entrepreneur, there is always more work to be done. The question mostly arises in front of the business is whether I should outsource or hire a team of SEO experts. It becomes a mind-boggling process, and sometimes the companies, especially the startups and small ownership, give up on using SEO services. So, how do outsourcing SEO services help?

Focus on Core Competencies

The business owners looking forward to focusing on the core competencies and want the experts to handle the rest of the marketing work must go for SEO outsource services. It will not only halve your work, but you need not provide training to in-house experts.

Moreover, there will be no unnecessary expenses on the SEO tools and software that otherwise, your full-time SEO experts will need.

You must be wondering what all you will receive in the SEO promotion package. You not only receive the services from the veteran experts but also real promotional deals and campaigning. Here is a list of what all SEO-based services you will receive when outsourcing:

  • On-Page Optimization services like keyword planning, blogs, and metadata
  • Off-page Optimization services like guests posts, social media posts, and link building
  • You will get Local SEO and Technical SEO services that will optimize your Google My Business and involve full analysis and auditing reports.

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White Label SEO Services: A Cost-Effective Alternative

According to a Hubspot report, SEO provides 97% of indexed links, and blogs give websites the 434% of the indexed pages. It’s seen Google mostly targets the fresh content, which means more chances of getting first on the SERP rankings.

The best thing about SEO services is that you can get the White Label SEO services if you are outsourcing the service. With hundreds of expert SEO freelancers out there, you can hire the best for your startup or your small-scale company.

The veteran SEO experts do not have to work on a 9 to 5 job to make money too. They can earn well by outsourcing White Label SEO services. Even a report states, an SEO manager makes somewhere around $72,808 yearly. So, just at a fraction of the price you can take the freelancing services from these SEO experts and get executive marketing strategies laid for your campaign.

This shows that you do not have to roll your dice to get costly services to get the results. You require a skilled SEO expert who can provide result-driven services. The aim is to attract your target audience to your website.

Outsourcing v/s In-House SEO Services: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing SEO

We have seen above that outsourcing proves much better than in-house SEO because of its cost-effectiveness, and you just require an SEO specialist for the same. A few companies still look forward to hiring in-house experts stating that they will achieve the 360-degrees success, as the in-house specialists are easily accessible, and work can be maintained without any glitches. They will add extra expenses, and they have to be abreast of each trend that Google rolls out for SEO specialists. It may become a hassle in the long-term. So, there can be a few benefits of having in-house SEO experts, as they are your company’s employees. But, outsourcing SEO is also a great idea, although it involves specific cons too.


  • Cost-Effective Approach

Outsourcing SEO is cheaper than hiring a full-time working staff in your company. You just have to pay for the services you have taken from the service provider. There will be no hidden fee, as you can choose from their pricing plans. Even you can outsource SEO services overseas too. If you are a US-based Company and looking forward to affordable SEO solutions, you can outsource SEO to India. You will be paying near $100,000 yearly in the US, whereas your SEO service will cost you around 50 to 60k annually in India.

  • Time-Saving

With SEO outsource services, you can straightaway get started with the implementation of the marketing campaigns. You do not need to go through the tedious process of hiring the SEO staff and then giving away training. There is no need to waste your time developing the strategies and then establish a fully functional in-house SEO team. You can just let the agency experts know about your market audience and goals by outsourcing this service. The only benefit here is you do not have to monitor them and be at ease.

  • Professional Team

You cannot recruit a full team just catering to your SEO needs, as this will make your cost touch the roof. You can appoint only 3-4 employees in your office, but when you outsource the same service, there is a group of experienced SEO and marketing professionals looking after your need.

With outsourcing, you get the perks of getting an excellent creative writer, a team of SEO professionals working on your Local SEO, Technical SEO, and On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimization with website designers, metadata experts other social media specialists on your project work. These professionals will aim to extend personalized services to you.

  • No More Multitasking

Outsourcing SEO proves best for startups, small companies, and mid-sized companies. They have other core issues to cater to that will otherwise get hampered if they will be putting the whole energy into the SEO-based campaigns. Even these business owners do not have to do multitasking in the presence of a team of outsourcing service providers.

However, large-sized businesses can think of getting an excellent in-house team as they have team leaders to look after the company’s promotional and marketing campaigns. Still, the top executives can focus on their business’s core competencies.


  • Getting Right SEO Firm/Specialists

When you outsource the SEO-based services, you get lesser control over the agency providers. They will listen to their goals but will design the whole campaign themselves. It becomes a herculean task sometimes to find the right specialist or a firm. So, carry out the detailed research of an SEO firm or specialists, check customer reviews, see the red flags over Google reviews. If they promise unexpected returns, you should be cautious as you may land up with some Black Hat SEO firm. We, at Shrushti, provide you weekly or monthly reports and keep you updated with the progress.

  • Services Provided may not be Comprehensive

The outsource SEO services provided by a few agencies may be specific to the work or your requirements. You may notice that your website work is extensive but the detailing done is so specific that it will retrieve little results or take more months to drive results. Maybe your business requires a customized plan to derive good results, but it may not come under the pricing package. So, it’s necessary to look for an SEO provider who provides a comprehensive plan that will work best for you. At Shrushti, we offer complete SEO solutions meeting your business goals.

  • Lack of Control and Transparency

Many businesses complain that SEO firms or specialists do not provide a clear and transparent report for market campaigns. It becomes difficult for business owners to decide the course of their investments. There is a lack of control, as you have to wait for a reply to a specific issue your SEO campaign may be facing. However, this will not be the case with Shrushti. We plan every campaign sincerely and share it with our customers. We are readily available to discuss any matter while running a campaign and regularly schedule a meeting to keep you updated. Therefore, before hiring a firm, always ask for a transparent report and their turnaround time over the client’s queries.

Bottom Line

Every service has its pros and cons. But, if seen from a broad perspective, outsourcing SEO services is still a good idea. Like, you do not have to incur the extra cost or get the SEO tools now and then. Even you do not have to put expenses on training your SEO experts on updated Google algorithms. If you are an overseas business owner looking forward to SEO outsource India services, then Shrushti is a young and dynamic company providing dedicated experts for your business campaign. Even domestic Indian companies can also avail of our unique and tailor-made SEO services.

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