New Google AdWord Improvements 
New Google AdWord Improvements

Few years back google adwords launched quality score to give better ads on each search query and since then we try to improve our quality score by improving the content of ad, content of landing page, load time of the landing page and etc.

Currently Google Adwords making some improvements and I am going to explain and elaborate this into my word:

Quality Score Is Become More Accurate

Now they are giving quality score to our keyword every time the related search query is generated, So your ads will be more likely to show when they’re relevant and less likely to show when they’re not. That means more clicks if you have more quality score. So keep writing good quality ads and optimize your landing page better.

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No More ‘inactive for search’

What a relief when you are not watching this term against your keyword, it because of new method of pre-evaluation of quality score. That means all keywords have chance to show in network until and unless you pause or delete them. But the keywords which previously marked with inactive for search is not able to generate a good amount of traffic because of their less pre-quality score and bid is not probably high.

“Minimum Bid replaced with First Page Bid”

Now you don’t have to set minimum bid for the keyword instead of the you find first page bid against a keywords. First page bid give you the required estimated bid amount to place your keyword on the first page of the Google. Hope you remember the search bid tool of overture which shows the first few bids for the related keyword. This First page bid is based on the exact match version of the keyword, the ad’s Quality Score, and current advertiser competition on that keyword.

In summary, Instead of one static Quality Score and minimum bid that determines whether the keyword is eligible to trigger an ad for all search queries, New quality score improvements now determine eligibility dynamically, based on factors such as location, the specific query, and other relevance factors.

So check out your Google Adword Account for new improvements and start changing bids…

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