Increase Client’s Organic Traffic through White Label SEO

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It is very easy to gain traffic with a few advertisements and spending money on those advertisements, but the struggle is when you have to drive organic traffic to your website or online business. There are ways and steps you can drive traffic to your client’s website, but would you rather be focusing on bringing in new business or developing a team or learning SEO yourself?

Well, the correct answer to this is if you have too much time and energy on your hands you can go ahead and start learning about SEO and learn about all the tools and learn all the tips and tricks in detail about SEO and if you don’t have the time and energy, simply approach a white label SEO company.

These guys, the white label SEO guys have all the tools (most of which are pretty expensive) and a team of experts, who are experienced and trained specifically for SEO. The best part? You can sell the SEO service under your own brand name. That’s why a lot of digital marketing agencies are opting for white label SEO services. You can add these services to your portfolio, without the actual hassle of it all.

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is an external platform that optimizes “YOUR CLIENTS” content. The white label here means outsourcing, but the good part is, it is under your brand name. You can resell these services on your own platforms. These services are designed to get your clients to be found on SERPs and increase online visibility.

How does White Label SEO work?

  • You hire a company that sells white label SEO, which you resell
  • You sell these services under your own brand name to clients
  • The white label company fulfils all the SEO needs of your clients

Why do agencies become white label SEO resellers?

It’s cost-effective, it’s hands-off, it offers value to your clients, it gives your agency extra time to use resources at their best. What more is needed? With all of the above available services and benefits, agencies deem fit to resell white label services.

Expand your services – not every agency has the capacity to become an expert in the field of SEO. It’s a tedious and time-consuming job. A white label helps you to increase your scope of the contribution of services for your client.

Expand your business – Agencies with SEO in their portfolio land better and bigger clients as you become a one-stop solution for them. Businesses don’t want to buy services from different agencies and follow up each separately. It is better to have all your digital marketing solutions in one place. This directly impacts the retention of clients upto 20%. Creating value for your clients and providing solutions catering to their needs is a goal every marketer should strive to achieve.

Improve brand value – when you don’t work with a white label SEO agency, and provide your client with SEO services from an agency other than your own brand name, it confuses your client and also pulls down trust. Putting your brand name on a white-label product or service just doesn’t get your brand name out there, it also builds your reputation as a trusted industry expert.

Provide complete solutions – offering just one or two services is not sufficient for small and medium businesses. Businesses want complete solutions from one place or else they bounce. A survey shows that agencies that only sell one or two products to small and medium businesses lose 70% of their clients within two years. Whereas selling upto four products increases the retention rate upto 80%.

Focus on sales – hiring or training current staff to learn a new skill like SEO can affect your budgets, efficiency, time and energy. It additionally takes away time that an agency can use to focus on sales and capturing new customers. White label SEO takes away all the work on itself, freeing up space and time for agencies to focus on their core strengths.

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How one company increased organic traffic by 58% with white-label SEO

White label SEO can be considered a blessing in disguise, not only does it help your business grow and flourish, but it also helps your clients business. When Shrushti Digital’s white label SEO service was offered to a manufacturing company, with over 5 locations. The manufacturing company noticed 58% growth in organic traffic and 65% improvement in keywords growth over a period of three months campaigns.

This helped the manufacturing company build a better SERP presence, and improved reputation and credibility.

Benefits of White Label SEO services

The demand of people is the last verdict in any business. So, when you manage the SEO for e-commerce product pages, make sure to have a clear idea about the current product demand trends and the keywords people are entering on the search engine pages. If you fail to do so, there will be a high chance that you would end up spending your time and efforts promoting the wrong products. It is a prevalent mistake that stores with a huge number of items do.

You need to optimize your product pages and product descriptions with proper keywords and titles to acquire the maximum audience’s attention. If you do not use the popular search keywords in your descriptions, you will never become able to attract your target audience, no matter how unique or good-quality content you make. So, here are a few points that can help you make better content for achieving the highest SEO success:

  • The specific model numbers of your product’s title tag on the H1 headings.
  • Make sure to include the brand names in the H1 heading title tag.
  • Do not overlook the importance of filling up the ‘image alt tag’ description.
  • Remember not to overcrowd your product description page with the keyword phrase by mentioning it too frequently.

Lastly, you better refrain from incorporating iframes on your website’s main pages, as that can harm your SEO ranking.

SEO Services You Can Resell

On-site and off-site SEO – not every client you have will be satisfied by the basic Social media marketing and email campaigns, SEO delivers numbers. The white label SEO team does all the heavy lifting that comes with SEO services. Tasks like creating pages around target keywords, monitoring the campaign, link building, and providing your clients with live proof-of-performance reporting are taken care of.

SEO audits – when a white label SEO agency audits a site for you, it’s faster, less expensive, and more efficient.

SEO reports – reporting is essential for measuring growth and how well a campaign is doing and what targets or goals have been achieved and what needs to be improved.

Link building – building backlinks and especially building quality backlinks is VERY important for a website’s growth and reach. Backlinks are basically goodwill you earn for your quality of work. Link building can be one of the most tricky things to achieve. It is better to leave for someone who has experience in the field.

SEO analysis – analysing keywords, its research, competitor research content mapping with individual pages, and user intent analysis are indicators of growth for a business, whereas they also give important insights.

SEO citations – another important element of any SEO campaign is brand mentions on various platforms like social media, other reputed websites, local business directories, which is more efficient when done by a white label agency.

White label SEO is a win-win for all agencies and parties involved. It helps all the businesses grow and achieve the goals and objectives. Plus SEO is one of the only resell-able services.

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