How to become a LinkedIn Influencer
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How to become a LinkedIn influencer

What makes LinkedIn apart from almost all other social media platforms, is that it was specially made for businesses and professionals. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn focuses more on Networking and jobs.

Before we move further, keep it in mind that it is next to impossible to become a top LinkedIn influencer overnight. It takes lots of time to create valuable and meaningful content, be consistent with your postings and build and maintain meaningful relationships with your audience. LinkedIn influencers create content, authority figures with an audience, and provide values. Being a LinkedIn Influencer translates to an opportunity to reach a larger audience and get more engagement going forward.

Now let’s see how to become a LinkedIn influencer:

Know your goals:

To begin the process, make a list of all possible goals you want to achieve by gaining influencer status on LinkedIn. If you don’t do so, all your efforts will go wasted and you will be left rootless. A simple way to choose your goals by asking what you are going to do with your LinkedIn influencer status. Determine all possible outcomes you are aiming for. Do you want more followers, or do you want people just to refer to your LinkedIn articles for reference?

Once you’ve decided on the right ones, it’ll be easier to build your plans around these goals.

Knowing your goal is the very first and important step on the journey of achieving it.

Define your brand and make your profile best:

If you are unsure if building a community or a following is worth it, you might need to consider it. A loyal audience centered around your brand that boosts your organic traffic is one of the best ways to get high-quality reach come to your profile, instead of the other ways. But for this to happen, you must define your brand.

When people visit your profile, the first thing they notice is how well organized your profile is and what information is delivered.

When people click on your profile, they don’t want to see a blank photo and less to no information. You must impress them by letting them know who you are. To get more attention, try and capture your unique identity and showcase the same on your profile.

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Produce engaging and standout content for LinkedIn:

Content is king. No matter how attractive your profile is, no one will stay longer on it if it doesn’t have any useful stuff. After completing your profile, it’s time to show your skills and abilities related to your field. You must create content that speaks to your specific audience. If you’re just starting out creating content for the first time, do research into others, and what type of content they are creating. When you are creating content, think about your long-term goals as well. You don’t want to create content for short-term engagements. Keep posting more and more content so that people will remember you and your content and come back to your page.

 Invest time in Networking:

On any social media platform, it’s not always getting attention all the time. It’s about giving attention as well. To increase your engagement rate, you must try to spare some time towards interacting with your followers and other influencers on LinkedIn. It will take some work and time but it all will be worth it. This will help you to build relationships. To build better connections with your audience, make sure to follow them and keep sharing their posts. It’s also a good idea to comment on the connections’ blog posts or articles they have shared so that they know you read them.

Promote your profile to all channels:

To increase your audience, it is always a good idea to promote and share your LinkedIn profile on all your channels. It will also increase the amount of visibility for your profile.

The above tips should help you get started on your journey to becoming a LinkedIn influencer. You need to take the time, be consistent with your marketing, and make sure you’re following all the above tips.

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