How search engines know content is just born?​

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How search engines know content is just born


During working on two different sites in different area with same age, I fill that the original content wrote by us in our website provide a good value, but how to know after some period or some amount of time they are powering our results or decreasing our results. Do you know how search engines are calculating the are of document ? ( I am not talking about the website age) Due to ever changing search industry and competitiveness of the type of business we need to know how this things are calculated..

Let us discuss the few common factors considered by the search engines to count a age of document when you upload or create a new data / document or fresh page on your website, How they know that this page is a new page ..

  • When they first crawled a data on the domain where you upload the new created page.
  • They found referene of your newly created page on some document or on a good article or in some emails or on a page with good content.
  • By combination of both the ways simultaneously.
  • The date and time on hosting server.
  • The Document may be determined from the date that search engine first discovers a link to the document.

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Its good most of the time that how fast search engines know that the new content on your websites just born. Because of the nature of some nature of industry, NEW content or news is more important then old documents.

If you want some document to be appear on search engine for some period of time, then you can do by providing NO Follow attribute in meta tags of the document. Still you can optimize them with link building and directory submission without crawling your data with no follow.

I think I am taking too much technical SEO. We will continue with the next article.

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