How Featured Snippets Help You Rank No 1 On Google

Featured Snippets


A featured snippet is a highlighted box at the top of some search results pages, providing a concise answer to a user’s query. Earning a featured snippet can increase visibility.

The snippets are displayed on top of the search results page in Position 0 and are considered highlighted excerpts of text.

Their purpose is to answer users’ search queries quickly. Users who conduct informational searches are likely to see featured snippets.

These results are displayed from top to bottom above the organic listings, listing relevant website selections as tables, lists, and texts, along with images or videos. In addition to higher traffic, featured snippets receive higher click-through rates (CTRs) than organic search results.

Check out the following content to learn more about featured snippets as well as ways to optimize your website to appear in them.

What does a featured snippet look like?

On the first search results page, Google displays relevant snippets for various search queries. The snippets that appear at the position. Content from websites is included in snippets that match the user’s search query. Landing page content and featured snippets make up featured snippets. The content elements are ranked as follows:

  • Text snippet
  • Video snippet
  • Table snippet
  • List snippet

Images are usually included in featured snippets too, although they may not originate from the same source as the original article. Videos are sometimes included in featured snippets as well.

In addition to the title and URL, Google displays a link to the source domain underneath the excerpt. However, the meta description is not displayed.

The URL corresponding to the snippet is expected to experience an increase in organic traffic due to its position above organic search results.

The following is an example of a featured snippet in Google:

search results page snippets

There is often confusion between the featured snippet and the correct answer . Answer Boxes are different because they are a way to respond to very simple keywords as opposed to providing links to external websites.

Google data is often incorporated into the knowledge graph to generate the answer box response.

Are featured snippets common?

Featured snippets appear in a large percentage of Google’s search results, according to Search metrics’ SERP Features Monitor. This data is for February 2020.

USA: Search results display a featured snippet from Google in 9.7% of US searches.

UK: Featured snippets appear in search outcome pages of Google in 8.4% of searches.

Germany: Featured snippets appear below’s results for 6.5% of all searches.

What are the benefits of optimizing for featured snippets?

As a result, your website will appear more prominently in the results of the relevant Google search. The only organic search results that are shown above a Position 0 ranking are paid advertisements.

The snippet answers a lot of users’ questions, thus eliminating the need to visit the website. If you are asking fairly simple questions, then yes, but if your question is more complex, a search An excerpt is displayed from the document, listing, or table to allow you to click on it to see the entire document.

Using search engine optimization and content marketing, it is possible to improve organic visibility, thereby increasing organic traffic.

What should I do first?

The following questions should be answered if you intend on trying to optimize for featured snippets:

  • What is their effectiveness in my field? It depends on the sector and how frequently featured snippets are displayed. The healthcare industry appears to be the most prone to appearing in featured searches, appearing in 14.4% of search terms relevant to the healthcare industry. The inclusion of a featured snippet is uncommon in retail, tourism, and publishing or media – in these sectors, only 3% of Google searches return results for Position 0.
  • What time does the featured snippet appear? The first thing you should do is analyze your own keyword pool in order to discover when featured snippets are displayed and for which search queries. We recommend using Search metrics Suite for this purpose. In the event your keywords appear frequently in featured snippets, be sure to add them to your SEO keywords to improve the likelihood of ranking as high up as possible. Keep an eye on the snippets your competitors produce or the associated URLs so you can create high-quality texts or lists that are relevant to your business.

Is it possible to optimize my pages for featured snippets?

  • To begin with, use the keyword phrase that Google should seek out for the snippet on the website you want to reference.
  • This key phrase can also be presented by way of a question in a  heading, preferably high on the page in the H2 tag.
  • It’s important to provide a text snippet with one or two sentence optimizations and a concise sentence structure in response to the header tag question.
  • You can make a list snippet optimized by creating a header containing key words and listing bullet points underneath. A few bullet points will be shown in Google search results, so users who are interested can click through to your page, which will increase CTR.
  • The keyword phrase must be incorporated into the table snippet’s title, and you should design a simple table that has a lot of rows for your content. In the featured snippet, Google will not display the entire table if you optimize your content like this.
  • We recommend using Search metrics Suite or Google Search Console once you’ve optimized your content so that you can see the success of your optimization for a list snippet, a table snippet, and so forth. You can use Search Console to find out which CTR, clicks, and other metrics are associated with specific ranking positions, namely Position 0.
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