It might be an effective question to put before all the implicit purposes of your SEO – whether you’re a small business owner new to SEO or a marketing agency doing it for a client. The question deserves an answer since it is timeless.

It is indeed possible to know.

Influences on Fluctuations

It isn’t easy to get a true sense of how well your SEO is performing – especially with all of the factors involved. Below, I’ve broken it down into the main fluctuations. Many of them you have no control over:

  1. Updates to the website
  2. Updates to Google
  3. Getting into competition
  4. Behaviors of searchers change

For now, remember these two points.

Rankings of keywords

The second is traffic

The following are some of the factors that you should measure to know if your SEO is working or not.

The title of the tag

Tags for the Meta Description

Tags for headers

Intensity of keywords

Alternate text for images

Slugs for URLs

Linked Internally