4 Effective Way To Target B2B Customers Using Twitter​

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4 Effective Way To Target B2B Customers Using Twitter

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The micro-blogging social networking site Twitter is a powerful tool for reaching B2B clients. No other tool is quite as effective. Not even Facebook which limits you to only the people who have already connected to you.

However for it to work for you, you will need to know exactly what you are doing. Here are four ways that will put you on the road to success.

Avoid a sales pitch at all costs

The most common mistake made by most entrepreneurs online is that they are always itchy to make a sales pitch at the least excuse. This will almost always destroy a relationship before it has even started. Nobody comes online to be sold to.

The whole idea here is to gradually build up relationships. Building up a relationship takes a lot of hard work. But also bear in mind that on twitter you already have a sales pitch which is easily accessible to those you come into contact with. This is of course your profile. So work on it accordingly.

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Find your hottest prospects

Once you have identified them the next thing to do is to follow them. And that is just the beginning. Make a list with detailed notes so that you are able to always know exactly why you chose them in the first place. This is very important because as your list grows it will be difficult to remember these details about everybody.

Make contact and keep the conversation going

The first contact is critical. What you need to do is send them a twit directly. Something general will be interpreted as the usual SPAM you send out to everybody. Instead take time to study their tweets and find something that you can respond to or make a useful comment about. Avoid the temptation to point to your product as a solution because at this point you are on your first date. For example if you are a transcription company then do not start promoting about various services that you offer. Nobody proposes marriage on the first date. So the whole idea here will be to try and get a conversation going.

Don’t give up easily or get upset when they do not respond. Just keep at it making interesting observations on your tweets. Another effective approach here is to ask questions. After all the better you understand your B2B prospects the higher the chances are of you turning them into buyers. Do not expect a 100 percent response from this first contact, instead work on volumes expecting only a certain percentage of responses. The better you do with your tweets the higher the response you will end up getting.

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