SEO Reseller Service

Why take on the full array of SEO responsibilities for your clients when our team of specialists is here to support you? With Shrushti Digital Marketing’s SEO reseller services, you can concentrate on your core strengths while we handle the most time-consuming yet crucial tasks. Reach out to us today and see a significant boost in your SEO profit margins.


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Take advantage of a no-cost consultation to learn how our professional SEO services open avenues for your business to thrive.

Dive into the Range of SEO Reseller Services

Our Services for Agencies

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White Label SEO

Leverage our white label SEO programs to stay ahead of the competition, fortifying your search engine rankings against any impact from algorithm updates.

Local SEO

Streamline the enhancement of websites using the SEO Audit tool, offering a tidy report that serves as a fundamental guide for your SEO service strategy.

Web Design

Consistently deliver high-quality and customized solutions to each client using our white label web design platform.


Benefit from white label PPC services designed for diverse businesses, ensuring impactful outcomes! Our PPC ads extend to platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other channels.

Social Media

Explore the range of white label social media marketing services we offer agencies. Our process starts with a comprehensive assessment of your business and a discussion about your goals, enabling us to create a tailored package that meets your specific needs and those of your clients.

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Our Services for Business Owners

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SEO Services

We'll fine-tune your website for search engines, aiming for improved rankings on Google.

Local SEO

Your business will quickly reach new heights with our local SEO services!

PPC Management

Attaining global leadership is more achievable than you may realize with SEOReseller—allow us to turn your struggling company into a powerhouse.

Content Marketing

Enjoy the advantages of being found online using our small business SEO services. Let our team work to boost your visibility on search engines.

Link Building

Our one-of-a-kind and specialized service is crafted to offer your business the ideal visibility across diverse digital domains.

Web Design

Our outsourced web design and development services bring you professionally designed creatives by our expert graphic designers, complemented by an extensive array of visual concepts catering to local businesses in various industries.

Social Media

Experience a positive business turnaround and heightened customer acquisition with our tried-and-true social media marketing strategies.

Reputation Management

Secure your growing business proactively, online and always, to avert any impending challenges.

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What Type of SEO Do You Need?

1. I require SEO services for my business.

2. I Want To Sell SEO.


350.5+ MILLION







How to do Our SEO Reseller Services Work?

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Seek a Demo

Contact us by phone or schedule an introductory session with one of our specialists.

Receive Your Onboarding Blueprint

Allow our team to craft a personalized transformation route. We'll assist in onboarding the clients where you need support.

Observe the Achievements

Relax and unwind! Let our efforts be dedicated to steering your agency toward consistent expansion.

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Why Choose Our SEO Reseller Services?

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Optimize Client Reports

We ensure starting projects is easy, allowing you to update clients on progress. Our custom reports show our achievements and address questions, boosting your agency's credibility.

Affordable SEO Reseller Plans

We understand the importance of cost efficiency. Our SEO reseller plans are designed to provide high-quality optimization services at competitive prices, allowing you to maximize your profit margins while delivering exceptional value to your clients.

Streamlined Project Management

We've perfected our project management processes to ensure smooth collaboration. With Shrushti Digital Marketing, you can expect efficient communication, timely updates, and a dedicated team that handles all aspects of SEO so you can focus on growing your business.

Comprehensive Optimization Solutions

Our SEO reseller services cover every aspect of search engine optimization. From on-page and off-page optimization to keyword research and content creation, we offer a holistic approach to enhance your clients' online visibility and drive organic traffic.

Exceptional Results

Our track record speaks for itself. Shrushti Digital Marketing is dedicated to achieving exceptional results for your clients. We have a proven history of boosting website rankings, increasing organic traffic, and, ultimately, driving tangible business growth.

White Label SEO

We understand the importance of branding. With our white-label SEO services, you can confidently offer our expertise under your brand name. This allows you to maintain your brand identity while benefiting from our SEO proficiency.

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What does our client say about us? 

They believe in us

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“Semil is a great communicator and an excellent team player. His team has the expertise they claim to have and is efficient with their work.”

Deborah Janz, IMPACT Marketing International
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“As always, excellent work from Semi and the team! The Seo audit was really successful. We are very happy with the SEO work that Semil and his team did for us thanks!”

Sam Jones, As One
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“Semil and his team went above and beyond on this project. Thank you so much for your support in helping us move it towards the finish line. Always a pleasure to work with these guys!”

Sean Gilligan / Ilesha singhal, Webanywhere
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“Semil has helped our website perform well with the SEO. His team is responsive and completes assigned tasks on time.”

Tony Tsang, Hudson Academy


An SEO reseller firm focuses on SEO and services under other agencies’ brand names. The SEO reseller program allows you to provide top-notch SEO services to clients without hiring an in-house SEO expert. It caters to SEO agencies aiming to resell services to their clients.

Our SEO reseller business doesn’t demand technical experience, but a fundamental grasp of Internet marketing can speed up responses and strengthen your ability to convince clients of your expertise.

White Label SEO solutions enable agencies to focus on their primary strengths, knowing that client needs are met through SEO reseller agencies. This service empowers agencies to grow their client base and streamline communication by consolidating it through a central point of contact.

Shrushti Digital offers comprehensive online marketing services, spanning research to retention. Our range includes:

  • SEO reseller services.
  • Covering organic rankings.
  • Local search optimization.
  • Social media engagement.
  • Web design and development.

Within our holistic SEO reseller approach, we adhere rigorously to the protocols established by Google Webmaster. We place a high value on ethical SEO practices and abstain from using unethical strategies. Consequently, our experts stay attentive to recent Google updates, promptly tweaking our campaigns to harmonize with the unique needs of your clients.