A New Year Gift – SEO HELP DESK on Social Fronts

Yes, You Read it right. We are initiating a SEO help desk on our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account. USE #seosws OR Post on SWS Fan Page

Who is Eligible ?

1. Locals : local companies, small business, restaurants, website owners or vendors in india, which have certain doubts about capabilities of SEO or any other online marketing probably PPC and Social media marketing initiatives.

2. NGOs

3. A personal identity working for any social causes or environment awareness program.

4. Government authorities which need any assistance to understand this perspective.

We are picking daily two or three requests from the requests we are getting.

What We are Providing ?

We answers your question or queries on tweet or on facebook .

If something is looking more complex to you, then we try to make it simplify for you in local language. yes in hindi probably.

If we found that interesting and work you are doing is far more beneficial to society, we can even talk on phone or exchange mails, too.

We are using our blog if questions are in general.

When ?

From 23rd December to 10th of January.

How you can ask for help ?

if you are on twitter twit with #seosws or post it on our facebook fan page.

We are glad if we are able to help you with

A personal knowledge and decade of experience in field. Plus a Staff of Cool SEOs. And a Big ‘G’ aka Google.

We are taking help of other folks on our network. we provide some good links of blogs, articles and videos to you, which is related to your blog. We have pro membership in some of the best SEO resources on net, so we can dig something out from you form this wast ocean of knowledge. We have large collection of info-graphs and bookmarks so we can assist you better.

Hope you can send us some good queries.


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