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SEO Content Briefs

Make your content even better with effective SEO Content Brief

A combination of techniques for easily generating comprehensive content. Receive custom SEO-optimized outlines endorsed by Google directly in your email every month.

Think of it as a highly specialized version of a template where you complete the outline while following the SEO guidance and cues.

Get answer for :

  • Who is this content for? (Who are we trying to reach?)
  • What should this content talk about to answer people’s questions?
  • How much detail should we include in the content?
  • What does our brand think about this topic?

Ready for online success? Join our SEO Content Brief service today and receive monthly, Google-endorsed, SEO-optimized outlines in your inbox.

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Ready for online success? Join our SEO Content Brief service today and receive
monthly, Google-endorsed, SEO-optimized outlines in your inbox.

Is this what you’re like?

If you run a business or have a blog, there are times when you might feel or notice…

  • When it comes to crafting your posts, you lack a strong starting point
  • Writing is a fruitless endeavor if your posts go unnoticed
  • You can achieve SEO-optimized content without the need to shell out hundreds of dollars each month on premium tools like Ahrefs, SurferSEO, and Frase
  • You are in sync with the most recent SEO best practices, ensuring you don’t fall behind We see you.
Our motivation for creating content briefs was to assist individuals who…
  • Know what topics to cover but are looking for a template to provide a sturdy framework for SEO implementation.
  • Want to embark on content writing with self-assurance, armed with an optimized structure and everything required to dive in headfirst.
  • Are ready to access the benefits of premium SEO tools without the need for a subscription.
  • Crave for their ideas to start generating traffic and leads at last.

Get precise SEO-fueled content blueprints and expert editorial assistance sent to your email, saving you countless hours typically spent on research, content development, brainstorming, and trial and error.

Wondering about the mechanics of the content briefs?

Let me provide you with a basic overview, and should you have additional queries, just click on the contact page link in our menu, and we’ll promptly respond to you.

What will you get in Content Briefs?

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  • Comprehensive and optimized outline with headers, suggested word count, and a meta-description
  • For the purpose of competitor analysis, related links have been provided for your reference.
  • Long-tail and secondary keywords, as well as related keywords
  • The SurferSEO content editor to ensure that you or your writer are well-informed about the precise approach for on-page optimization
  • Apply content marketing’s top-notch strategies to produce quality content.
  • We take a thorough dive into your goals, branding, messaging, and competitors, striving to achieve a level of understanding that mirrors your own.
  • A minimum commitment of three months is necessary, given that the ranking process requires time.
  • Unless the client opts for the Keyword Research Package, they are responsible for providing the primary keyword.

No beating around the bush, let’s dive straight in

Achieving a high content ranking isn’t solely reliant on brilliant ideas; it’s equally about structuring your concepts in a way that confidently communicates to Google, “I deserve the top spot!”

What makes our agency different for Content Briefs Services?

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Tailored Content Briefs:

Our content briefs are customized to your business, ensuring they align with your unique objectives: increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or boosting conversions.

Experienced Team:

Our team comprises seasoned content strategists and writers with a wealth of experience in digital marketing. These professionals have a proven track record of delivering successful content strategies that have driven tangible results for businesses across various industries. Choosing Shrushti Digital means benefiting from experts in effective content creation and process.

Cutting-Edge Analytics:

In the race to dominate your industry, staying competitive is non-negotiable. Our secret weapon? Advanced analytics that peer into the heart of market trends and consumer preferences. We don't just react; we proactively shape your content strategy to align with emerging trends and data-backed insights. Stay consistent with trends; set them with our cutting-edge analytics expertise.

Content with a Purpose, Results with Impact:

Content without results is just noise. That's why our approach centers on delivering tangible outcomes. We meticulously track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as surges in website traffic, engagement levels that defy expectations, conversion rates that soar, and a heightened online presence. Say goodbye to vague promises; with us, it's all about concrete results that matter.

Your Partner in Adaptability:

You should never set your content strategies in stone. They need to evolve with the ever-changing digital landscape. That's where we step in. Shrushti Digital is your dedicated partner in this journey. We don't just create a content brief and disappear; we offer continuous support and consultation. Our agility and flexibility mean we can pivot and fine-tune our approach to align your strategies with shifting market dynamics and evolving business requirements.

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Are we allowed to modify the briefs?2024-03-08T04:58:13+00:00

We allow one round of feedback and revisions but expect you’ll be amazed from the start.

What are Content Briefs?2024-03-08T04:58:48+00:00

Content Briefs are detailed blueprints that guide content creation. They include everything from the comprehensive outline, suggested word count, and meta-description to long-tail and secondary keywords needed for SEO implementation.

Who should use Content Briefs?2024-03-08T04:59:38+00:00

Content Briefs are ideal for individuals who want to create SEO-optimized Content but need a structured framework or those who wish to save time spent on research and content development. It’s also perfect for those who want to avail of premium SEO tools benefits without a subscription.

Why is there a minimum commitment of three months?2024-03-08T05:00:33+00:00

SEO is a process that takes time to show results. A minimum commitment of three months is required to allow us enough time to implement strategies and observe the growth and changes in content ranking.

What is the role of SurferSEO in Content Briefs?2024-03-08T05:01:24+00:00

The SurferSEO content editor ensures that you or your writer are well-informed about the precise approach for on-page optimization. It helps in doing SEO research and competitive analysis.

What is the process of getting the Content Briefs?2024-03-08T05:02:07+00:00

Once you sign the contract and complete the onboarding process, we’ll send you a pair of forms. After we analyze your information, we execute SEO research and competitive analysis and assemble comprehensive outlines. Finally, you will receive an email with a link to each content brief as they become available.

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