Search Engine Ranking Factorsn( Part I)


Search Engine is process through which you can increase your website traffic through search engines. While doing search engine optimization it is important to keep in mind which factors influence search engine rankings.The main effect to rank your site in search engine are

  • Domain Name
  • Keywords
  • HTML Coding
  • Link Building

and the second effect is keywords which can be done in two way

  • On-Page
  • Off-Page

While in On-Page meta tags are used while in Off-page anchor text is used. To use keyword in anchor text some factors that should keep in mind

  • Article
  • Blogs
  • Book Marking
  • Directories
  • Link Exchange
  • Press release

while to improve your page to rank in top position you should keep in mind the following factors

  1. You must have good back links of desired anchor text from relevenat sites
  2. Your keyword should be rich original content copy
  3. Optimize your meta tag
  4. Optimize your image
  5. Optimize navigation which can say Internal Link Popularity
  6. If you page is Old then it would be beneficial to rank high in search engines
  7. Your site must have Indexable content
  8. Your Site must have quality content
  9. Your page must have minimum 20kb upto maximum 50kb size
  10. You should frequently update
  11. You shoul have number fo backslashes in URL
  12. You should have the accuracy of graammer language
  13. Your site can add Validations to increaces the rankings
  14. Contact pages can be added which is also benificial to increase the ranking

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