Search Engine Ranking Factors

Search Engines play a central roll in promotion of websites and drive huge search engine traffic. so carrying out a high rank of website on the search engines is very important task for SEO members. Most of all the search engines work on the same way but some factors are different. let’s discuss out some similar factors on which search depends.

1) Main Effect is to understand your category of site for business purpose. If domain name of site is related to niche category is good but it is not essential. but the important step is to search out keywords from that you can rank & drive the traffic. Then the body part of site and link building.

2) Effect of keywords: There are 2 type of effect, on-page effect & off-page effect. In on-page effect take care the use off keywords in the title, meta-description & meta-tags in site. & Off-page effect consider how to use keywords as anchor text for optimization.

3) Use of Keyword as Their Important wise: like use of keywords in domain, in title in Alt tags, in content, meta tags or many more.

You can see keywords are more important than any other. Any one should use keywords in title, in discription, in keyword tags, in alt tags, In Domain name, In body part, in insite-likinging, as anchor tags, in H1 & any othet H Tags, keywords in <b> tags, file name with keywords, In URL.

In Off-page optimization, use anchor texts In article submission, blogs, bookmarking, directories, link-exchanges, press release.

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