"Pay Per Click campaign boosts your chances to surge the sales and capture the market."  

Microsoft adCenter is pay-per-click advertising for budgets of all sizes. Microsoft adCenter is a robust collection of tools and information that you can use to place advertisements for your business on the Web. You can use adCenter to create and edit your online campaigns; research keywords and demographics related to your target market; and create and run regular reports to help refine your online campaign performance.


How it works?

  • Create a campaign.
  • Bid on keywords.
  • Drive traffic.

Benefits of MSN AdCenter :

  1. Demographic targeting

  3. Less competition and lower click costs

  5. Backed by Microsoft popularity sure to grow

  7. Better personalisation of ads once it gets tied in with numerous other MSN services e.g. Messenger, Hotmail, MySpace etc.


Steps for Creating Account:

  • Target your customers.
  • Create your ad.
  • Enter your keywords.
  • Set your budget.
  • Confirm and activate your ad campaign.





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