Pinterest Vs Twitter


Even though Facebook reigns better in the social media site landscape, the most recent research by Pew proves people are pinning more much as they’re tweeting.

Twitter attracted 16% of social media people, followed by 15% on Pinterest in 2012. Everyone’s favorite pastime continues to be Facebook, even though, raking in quite a lot of respondents’ votes. Tumblr comes in as the lowest popular with only 6% individuals on the website.

The report details who precisely is having these networks, explaining that sites such as Instagram appeal more to women, Latinos and African-Americans.

It’s no real surprise the research discovers youngsters a lot more enthusiastic about social networking. A massive 83% are more likely to be on the sites compared to outdated demographics. Each network provides different services and also attracts particular target audience groups. Image-heavy Pinterest attracts women, people under 50 and whites. Twitter users commonly urban citizens.

Compared to some other networks, Pinterest is similarly well-liked by various age demographics; 19% of youthful users and individuals 30 to 49 use the site, and it also provides the biggest difference in gender than any other of it social alternatives. Women are 5 times more willing to be pinning compared to men.

However Pinterest is getting up in popularity, the percentage of Internet users on Twitter doubled during the past 2 years.

What are the things you feel of the findings? We have to know your ideas in the feedback.

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