Part I – Know Your Links : Which Counts and Which Doesn’t ?


If you are in search engine field, you know very well that links are like relations for websites. Sometimes we are into dilemma that which relation are going to work or help us to keep us alive ?

So links, are like relation in website’s life which is affected by ever changing google search ranking factors and launch of panda algorithams plus new considerable social factors.

We can judge the value of links and pages and its genuineness, by little observation.

Please note that search engines are using very highly technical aspects and great technologies which is far ahead from these observations and my understandings.

Neighbours of your site :

You can be known by your neighbours, it gives others a good or bad impressions by seeing you neighbours. And as per the real life it is counted in the website linking too.

If you are getting direct links from many spammy directories means bad neighbours, then search engines treats you more like a spam site. And if you are getting good amount of links from genuine sites the chances you develope the trust in search engines list is very high.

But how we find the neighbour is good or bad ?

Check the backlinks of sites before you get link from them. Are they getting attention from search engines or not? 

I know the bulb lit up in your mind – aka – Page rank. But It is medium to know the value for site but as per matt cutts said recently on the question about pagerank updation it will not as same as the actual value of that page’s important as search engines consider its.

So if you find an article site where each of the aritcles are getting approved with so many links, plus articles from that particular sites are not coming in the SERPs then you might have to think about submit an article to that diretory or site, as it is same as creting a bad neighbour for your site. same goes for  Directories with same owner with same theme, which shows too many links per page and autoamatic approve your submissions. Note the spammy social bookmarking site which is like a bad neighbour in a beautfull house trying to become next digg or delicious without doing much verification of data and not having any values in real social media world. 

Even coomenting on the forums leads you to getting bad neighbours, if searh engies are crawling that forums and finding too many signatures lead to same ips or same sites.

Once for a while think as a user, Can you use the data from the site in which you are submitting your link ? the answer you will get is define that it will be your genuine neighbour or not.

So link with trusted genuine content, create orignial content and avoid spammy sites.

do check within your list because 1 geneuine link worth 100s of spammy links.


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