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On-page SEO consists of several metrics and information that make any web page ready for higher search engine rankings.  The aim of on-page SEO is to enable search engines like Google read your website and recognize the words you want to rank for.  This requires an audit of your current website structure to find areas of improvement to meet best practice.

On-page SEO includes refining metadata information, streamlining website media, optimizing coding and web page structure to make a web page more intuitive and user-friendly.

Accurate on-page information makes it easier for web pages to understand what a page is all about- boosting its relevance score and overall rankings among search engine results. To get the most of SEO efforts, you need a solid on-page SEO strategy.

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Our Multipronged On-page SEO process

At Shrushti, we adopt a multidimensional approach to on-page SEO. We conduct a thorough analysis and audit of your existing website content. Based on our research findings, we identify opportunities for improvement and execute result-oriented on-page strategies based on SEO best practices.

  • On-page SEO Audit & Research
  • Identifying Loopholes in Existing Efforts
  • Implementation of On-page SEO strategy

Factors that improve On Page SEO

SImply by working on the code of your website, we can make your web pages easier to understand for search engine algorithms. Factors like alt text, meta description, url structure and other tags can all be used to improve your target keywords and provide content clarity and optimal structure.  Our website audit experts will find areas where your code is lacking and help you enhance it.

High quality content is the hallmark of great on-page SEO. Research shows that long-form content tendds to receive better views than shorter content. It also increases your potential to rank on SERPs. We can help you publish high-quality original content to implement high traction keywords and improve your internal linking. This will not only have SEO benefits but helps you establish domain authority. Shrushti’s team boasts of experienced SEO and versatile content writers that can help you create the kind of engaging and compelling content that brings in results.

Other factors for ranking

However, on page SEO isn’t simply about the written content. 

Factors such as speed, image optimization, website architecture, user experience matter too when it comes to on-page SEO. Adopting international best practices for SEO can make it easier for search engine algorithms to crawl and rank your web pages. A truly effective SEO involves a comprehensive approach and paying attention to detail. Shrushti can help you optmize your on-page SEO for maximum visibility and searchability.

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